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Christian Couple Threatens To Get Divorced If Gay Marriage Is Made Legal

Screen shot 2015-06-10 at 9.48.21 AMA Christian couple in Australia are threatening to get a divorce. And it’s all gay people’s fault.

Nick Jensen and his wife Sarah (pictured) have been blissfully married for the past 10 years.

“We were married at 21 after being high-school sweethearts for several years before that,” Jensen recently writes in a new op-ed published by the Canberra CityNews. “In fact, my wife is the only woman I have ever loved, the mother of our children, my perfect match.”

“But later this year,” he continues, “we may be getting a divorce.”

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Jensen insists the reason for their divorce “has nothing to do with the state of our marriage.”

So what’s the problem then?

“As Christians, we believe marriage is not a human invention,” Jensen explains. “Our view is that marriage is a fundamental order of creation. Part of God’s intimate story for human history … My wife and I, as a matter of conscience, refuse to recognize the government’s regulation of marriage if its definition includes the solemnization of same sex couples.”

And this, Jensen says, is why they may be forced to legally dissolve their union.

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“By changing the definition of marriage, ‘marriage’ will, in years to come, have an altogether different sense and purpose,” he claims. “We no longer wish to be associated with this new definition.”

Did you hear that, gay people of Australia? Your marriages will compel Nick and Sarah Jensen to end their own.

“This has been a big decision for my wife and I,” Jensen writes. “Some will accuse of us being bigoted or too hateful to share. But this couldn’t be further from our intentions. The truth is, ‘marriage’ is simply too important.”

“Here we stand,” Jensen concludes, “we can do no other, and I know we are not alone.”

Except, it seems, they are alone. The op-ed was not well-received by readers.

“I cannot believe that such ugly and selfish individuals exist in our society,” one person wrote.

“This is seriously the dumbest thing I’ve read in quite some time,” another person commented. “Or possibly the funniest. I really hope this was a satirical piece of writing.”

“Divorce then,” someone else said. “Talk about ignorant white trash attempting to guilt others.”

But our favorite comment is probably this one: “Well, you are brave to write an article and publish something like this…. This still doesn’t change the fact that you are deluded bigots.”

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h/t: Gay Star News