Christian Group Kicks Off All-You-Can-Eat Fast To Oppose Marriage Equality

“The Family Foundation is asking that you join us for 40 Days of Prayer, Fasting and Repentance for Marriage from August 27 until October 5, 2014,” the press release reads. “Our state and nation are mired in a morass of confusion and post-modern thinking that does not believe in absolutes nor that any truth can even be known.”

Yesterday, the Virginia-based Christian organization began “fasting” in a hopes of pressuring the Supreme Court into rejecting same-sex marriage appeals when they come up in October.

Since going without food for 40 days can result in serious health problems, including malnutrition and death, the Family Foundation announced in a follow-up statement to the initial press release that eating during the fast will still be allowed.

“We are asking the entire Body of Christ to join us for this feast — giving up physical food isn’t necessary — but feeding on the spiritual food provided is vital,” the group says.

Phew! We would hate for anyone to go hungry on our account.

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  • JJ24

    “eating during the fast will still be allowed.”

    So how is that a fast?

  • Dakotahgeo

    The more I see and hear of these medicine man/witchcraft ideas, the more I want to vomit on all of them! These people are NOT Christians by any stretch of the imagination!

  • Stache99

    I get instantly skeptical when family or research is in any religious groups name. It always turns out to mean the opposite.

  • onthemark

    Christians are mostly fatties nowadays.

  • Xzamilio

    So in other words, they are going to go on a fast, but not really on a fast, to oppose a movement that is not even a movement anymore, but a reality? Yeah, this is why religion is a joke to the fullest extent. They know what they say is BS and this is nothing more than the death rattle of a dying wave of bigotry.

  • kodi_kanuck

    Let me see if I get this…. Fast but eat. Sounds like a good Muslim idea. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from day break to sun down and then eat. Wow. Sorry about this to my great and wonderful Muslim friends, but next thing you know, the Christians will want to do a Jihad and kill gays for their 100 virgins waiting for them in heaven.

  • DickieJohnson

    A Fast/Feast? This is so ridiculous it hurts! I keep saying that “christians” need to read the Gospels, and start preaching acceptance and love from their pulpits, ya know, like Jesus said, instead of making up all this BS. They just might save The Church from this fast lane of self-destruction that it’s on.

  • Harley

    So now their “fasts” are exactly like “prayers”. Pretending to do something while in actuality doing nothing.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    They should do this for divorce. Christ spoke fervently about divorce, but never mentioned a word about being gay. Funny how the haters always overlook their own faults on these witch-hunts.

  • Jim Guinnessey

    May all those foolish enough to join in this hateful fast(I suspect that the phony organizers will cheat!) become anorexic.

  • EGO

    How embarrassing we still have such stupid human beings. They don’t even know that they are NOT Christians.

  • greybat

    It’s kind of like asking for a Court Stay on a Case you forgot to bring Evidence. Who does that?

  • jmmartin

    Why don’t the emulate Gandhi and fast themselves to death’s door? Find out what true dedication is to a cause. Better yet, make them read their bibles and ask them if the like genocide; internecine tribal rivalries; letting desert caravans bivouac in your house (offering them not only room and board but a toss in the sack with the wife); slave ownership (even Jesus was for slavery: ask the KKK); stoning people to death just because some rabbi told you to; misogyny; &c. Even Gandhi blemished tantric scultures he thought pornographic. Religion poisons everything. God bless Christopher Hitchens.

  • Horse Lips

    I hope they do us all a favor and starve to death.

  • jlfbman

    Tedious people. Feed the people in your communities who need all kinds of support…..and while on the subject of ‘ The Family Foundation ‘ , are they implying that a family is some gloried institution?? Watch the family of that young gay man confronting his family….in the space of 5 minutes he is told he is loved, insulted, rejected, bashed and thrown out of his home…..all in the name of their ‘ God ‘ who seems to be very uncaring. Tedious, ignorant, nasty people.

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