Christian Group Kicks Off All-You-Can-Eat Fast To Oppose Marriage Equality

“The Family Foundation is asking that you join us for 40 Days of Prayer, Fasting and Repentance for Marriage from August 27 until October 5, 2014,” the press release reads. “Our state and nation are mired in a morass of confusion and post-modern thinking that does not believe in absolutes nor that any truth can even be known.”

Yesterday, the Virginia-based Christian organization began “fasting” in a hopes of pressuring the Supreme Court into rejecting same-sex marriage appeals when they come up in October.

Since going without food for 40 days can result in serious health problems, including malnutrition and death, the Family Foundation announced in a follow-up statement to the initial press release that eating during the fast will still be allowed.

“We are asking the entire Body of Christ to join us for this feast — giving up physical food isn’t necessary — but feeding on the spiritual food provided is vital,” the group says.

Phew! We would hate for anyone to go hungry on our account.