Christian Right Helps Huckabee In Michigan

The holy war has begun in Michigan!

Evangelical activists are helping Mike Huckabee turn up the heat on desperate Mitt Romney:

…As in Iowa, the biggest secret to Huckabee’s Michigan success seems to be his depth of support among evangelical Christians. Typically, somewhere between one-fifth and one-third of Michigan’s Republican primary voters are self-identified evangelicals. A few weeks ago, a Detroit News survey found that number may be as high as 40 percent this year.

So pro-Huckabee organizers say they are focusing their entire effort on turning out evangelical church goers. They plan to call every evangelical pastor in the state over the next few days. Those ministers can’t endorse any candidate from the pulpit — but they can tell their parishioners that “it’s their Christian duty,” to turn out on primary day, said [activist Gary] Glenn. “And we know who they’ll be voting for.”

A backward, bigoted bastard?

[Image via NY Times]