Christopher Rice’s New Terrorist Thriller (And The Closeted Saudi Men Inside)

Christopher Rice, the mystery writer who intertwines gay seduction into each of his plots, tomorrow releases The Moonlit Earth (though it’s apparently already available at Barnes & Noble stores). Parts of us are engorged with anticipation!

Yes, his surname belongs to his novelist mother Anne, whose books you might’ve heard about, but with each new release Christopher abandons that shadow and stakes a reputation all his own.

Rice summarizes The Moonlit Earth like so: “[A] a young woman’s flight attendant brother is accused of being involved in a terrorist act. He appears on security camera footage from a Hong Kong hotel leaving the lobby with an unidentified middle-Eastern man about 30 seconds before a bomb goes off and kills 60 people. He’s not among the dead, and nobody knows where he is, so he immediately is a suspect. Back in America the man’s sister finds herself surrounded by people saying her brother is a terrorist. She knows this is ridiculous, that her brother is a gay flight attendant who reads Vanity Fair and goes shopping in West Hollywood. The man is not a terrorist. So she sets out to make contact with him.”

Sadly, we haven’t paged through an advanced copy yet, so we’ll save our review for a later date. But we asked Christopher to send us a one-line description of the book to convince the gays why they should pick up his new tome, and he says it’s because you’ll own a “globe-trotting, page-turning thriller featuring evil private security contractors, terrorist bombing and closeted Saudi men.” Sold!

Rice kicks off his nationwide book tour this Tuesday night in Book Soup in West Hollywood — flight attendants hoped for, but not guaranteed.