Claymate of the Year: Reichen Lehmkuhl

Clay's Lover Reichen

We love the Clay Aiken/ReichenLehmkuhl love affair story so much here at Queerty. Part of the reason is that we feel somewhat connected to the two stars, well to the one star and the one model/actor/reality tv winner. We have a friend of a friend. And that friend of a friend confirms that he sodomized Aiken. I believe it. Kathy Griffin does too.

Reichen is also connected to one of Queerty’s best friends. So in a way, we feel like we know him too.

So the thought of these two doin’ it kinda makes us giddy with excitement. Can you imagine Reichen going to town on Clay while he poses and flexes for himself in the mirror. And can you imagine the notes Miss Aiken hits when straddling the reality star?

I wonder if they met on Friendster? Or perhaps Manhunt, where one of Perez’s readers gives away one of the boys’ profile name?

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