Clint Eastwood Joins Ranks Of Republicans Supporting Marriage Equality

clint eastwoodWe teased Clint Eastwood when he delivered an oratory to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention, , but now the actor-director is speaking our language: Eastwood was among the 130 Republicans who signed this week’s Supreme Court amicus brief backing same-sex marriage.

The brief read, in part:

The denial of civil marriage to same-sex couples does not mean that their children will be raised by married opposite-sex couples. Rather, the choice here is between allowing same-sex couples to marry, thereby conferring on their children the benefits of marriage, and depriving those children of married parents altogether.

Like most of the other signers—including Mary Cheney, Log Cabin Republican Patrick Guerriero, former GOP presidential contender Jon Huntsman, GOP strategist Steve Schmidt—Eastwood doesn’t exactly have the Republican Party at his beck and call.

He was asked to appear in Tampa because of his name recognition with viewers, not his political clout. (Unless there was more to being mayor of Carmel, California, thirty years ago than we assume.)

Eastwood has made pro-gay statements in the past—telling GQ in 2011, “I don’t give a fuck about who wants to get married to anybody else!” But this is the first official overture he’s made on behalf of the LGBT community. (Don’t get us started on J. Edgar.)

Then again, its not like he could have come out screaming about “traditional marriage”: Eastwood has been married twice, had countless on-set dalliances and has fathered seven children by five different women, including a flight attendant he hooked up with while still in a relationship with married actress Sondra Lock.

Whew, when does he have the time to sign anything?