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  • Tom

    Well, you can put lipstick on a pig, but….

  • Paul

    Did anyone else read this and have their mind turn to “Evita”?

    “I came from the peeeeople. They need to adoooore me. So Christian Dior me, from my head to my toes.”

  • marco hussein channing

    John McCain has has seven houses, or is it eight? He and Cindy are worth $150 million. McCain owns 13 cars and wears $450 shoes. Cindy wore a $250,000 outfit to the first night of the RNC–the night a hurricane hit and millions of people had to flee their homes.

    No wonder McCain is dead set against overturning the Bush tax cuts for the rich. He might be forced to cut back to ten cars.

  • Robert

    Playing devils advocate here, but does anyone know how much the DNC has spent on clothing for our candidates?

  • emb

    Oh Tom, that’s where I went first thing, and I felt REAL bad about it.

    But not THAT bad:

    Unfortunately lipstick (and Chanel) won’t help that pig.

  • ron

    If she wore JC Penny, you fags would still attack her.

  • greybat

    I thought she WAS wearing J.C. Penny’s!

  • michael

    You cannot put lipstick on a CUNT.

  • gray hunt

    obamas suits are custom made and cost an average of $1500.00 so what the deal about GOV. Palin ? Wonder why the cost of michelle s clothes are not reported ? think media in the tank for B. O. you betcha ! my three votes still go to RNC (NY,VA, Co.) where i own property and vote, have sent the Va. and Colorado and will vote in person in NY where it wont mean much but the other two votes may. Oh, my clothes come from Brooks Bros. since you queens are so interested in the cost/source of others clothing.

  • Surlygirl

    Gray Hunt,

    It’s not just that it’s $150,000.00. It’s that it’s $150,000 for only two months worth of campaigning. Add to that what Alaska paid her per diem when she worked from home AND that the state paid for her kids travel on non business trips. This is news because she’s not looking like the typical “hockey mom” at this point (if she ever did) and that’s her main draw (it’s certainly not intelligence, education, ethics or hell, a clue about anything).

    The Obamas don’t try to pass themselves off as working class when they aren’t (at least not since they became adults). They seem to understand the difference between understanding the needs/values of working class folks, and being working class folks).

    What a surprise that you’re voting for McCain-Palin (three times as you claim). Three homes? Check! Unethical? Check! Asshole? Check!

  • Mark Kowalk

    I’m sorry but..”Gray Hunt”…what kind of system do you have down there (I’m a Canadian). You got THREE votes cuz you own three homes in different States.
    Ah, is this LEGAL?

    You Republicans sure luv stealin’ elections…you betcha!

  • SlowMo


    YOU BETCHA!!!! Regardless of her fashion tastes, we would still attack her. And Why? Because she’s an Evangelical Homophobe!!!

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