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CNN Discovers Previously Invisible Homosexual Parents In The South

That UCLA study finding San Antonio and other Bible Belt cities are the hotbeds of gay parenting — and not Los Angeles or Chicago or San Francisco — leads CNN producers to Jacksonville, Florida, where Latisha Bines and Misty Gray are raising kids and going to church. JUST LIKE STRAIGHT PARENTS! But no news story about gays would be complete without finding a homophobic pastor to say something homophobic.

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  • Mike

    This is hardly news. A lot of the readers of my magazine (I run a GLBT magazine in the Deep South) are gay parents. In fact, all 75 counties in the state of Arkansas have at least one household each headed by gay parents.

  • Jimmy Fury

    Why is it *so* shocking that there would be gay families in the south? Fuck. He said that like we’re worse than Iran or something.

  • Soupy

    I think that people still cling to the stereotype of the south as backwards, fundamentalist christians, who drink a lot of beer and slap skitters on their necks.

  • JM

    I’m a staunch atheist, however… It’s nice to see some Christians who are real Christians. @0:34… “We’re gay, we’re lesbians, but our God still loves us.” Exactly how did that message get lost on all the others? That is a church I could see myself living next to, and not resenting, and welcoming as part of a community.

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