Condi Rice Comes Out As a WNBA Fan. Does That Make Her a Lesbian?

If Elena Kagan enjoying a little softball means she’s gay, does that make Condoleeza Rice’s ode to the WNBA her coming out story?

In a perfectly timed story for our current obsession, the former secretary of state, who hobbies include impressive piano playing, comes out as a lady basketball fan.

I was a tomboy as a child and a jock as a teenager. But that was years before Title IX spawned organized women’s teams and college scholarships.

[…] Oh, if only someone had put a basketball in my hand when I was an already lanky 5’5” 10-year-old. Well, the truth is that someone did—when I was about 6. But in those days, the rules were strange for women. There were six players, only three of whom could cross half-court. Since I was big, I was relegated to standing behind the line and playing defense. It was really boring!

That is why I’ll be cheering on May 15 when the WNBA season tips off. […] I want to see women put their talents to work at the next level. I want them to be able to make a living at what they do best and still long to do when college is done. That is why I want the WNBA to succeed—along with the LPGA. I also hope women’s soccer will return and that one day women’s professional softball will be born.

And maybe one day soon, we’ll be seeing Ms. Rice on the WNBA’s kiss cam.