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Cookie metaphor perfectly shuts down religious objections to same-sex marriage

Scottish human rights advocate Rob McDowall recently Instagrammed an appetizing clapback to anyone who rejects same-sex marriage in the name of religion.

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Social media commenters have found the comparison apt. “Obviously cookies are a choice,” one Instagram user wrote (sarcastically). “You aren’t born eating cookies, right? It’s okay if other people eat cookies as long as I don’t have to see it. I’m tired of Cookie Monster pushing the Cookie Agenda.”

On Reddit, meanwhile, a user quipped, “I don’t mind people who eat cookies, but I think they should only do so in private. What if a kid saw someone eating cookies in public? It might make them grow up to be a cookie-eater themselves.”

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According to his bio, McDowall is a member of the Equality Council, Chair of Welfare Scotland, and EUCCTI Rapporteur who describes himself as a “30-something, ginger, gay, Scottish writer and equality and human rights advocate from Glasgow with a passion for law, politics and technology.”