Cooking with Milk & Kelly Mantle: Artisanal Bread, Tres Leches and More!

Cooking with Milk and Kelly Mantle Feast of Fun

The guys over at brought RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 queens Milk and Kelly Mantle into their kitchen to make some delicious bread-based junk food, including artisanal bread, tres leches, green raisin bread and goat cheese bread… talk about a carb overload!

The artisanal bread was made with sour dough bread, peanut butter, chocolate and bacon; the tres leches was made with sour dough bread, milk, whipped cream and strawberries; the green raisin bread was made with raisin bread, avocado, pistachios and balsamic vinegar; the goat cheese bread was made with sour dough bread, goat cheese and dolce de leche.

Watch the video below, but just a heads up that watching this may leave you with the munchies!

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And here’s a close-up look of Milk’s crazy makeup look from the episode.

Milk White Mascara

Photos for this article came from FeastOfFun on YouTube and Milk’s Facebook page.