Nepalese Trans Smacked Down

Coppers Beat Condom Carrying Queers

Who says condoms protect? Certainly not five Nepalese trannies (referred to as métis) – they claim coppers beat them silly after finding prophylactics in their bags. The cops, meanwhile, not only admit the assaults took place, they say it’s all part of the job. What heroes!

The would-be girl group got nabbed on Saturday, when coppers spotted them in Kathmandu’s Ratna Park. The police ordered them to stop and searched their bags, in which they significant amounts of money. “You chakkas and Hijras, motherfuckers, you make this money by anal sex and prostitution,” they yelled as they beat them with batons.

And was only down hill from there…

[They] told the métis to take their clothes off so officers could check for signs of sexual intercourse. Police sexually abused the métis by demanding they pull their foreskins back to check for sperm, using their mobile phone lights to check the métis’ genitals.

They also searched the métis’ bags, and, when they found unused condoms, they demanded to know why they carried them.

When the métis told police they used them themselves in sex, police started beating them up for carrying condoms, saying the métis were practicing unnatural and illegal sexual behavior.

One of the victims managed to escape and found a gay activist named Alex, who called for more backup. Unfortunately, the back up backed up their abusive, homo-hating colleagues: they started beating Alex, too.

When asked about the incident, Sub-inspector Pradeep Chand, who participated in the attacks,

We found métis carrying condoms, and the métis also told us that they use condom while having anal or oral sex. So it’s our regular campaign to control métis inside the Ratna Park and elsewhere.

Oh, well, if it’s all regulation, than it’s totally justifiable.

Though coppers originally refused to accept a formal complaint, they’ve finally buckled to pressure, particularly pressure from Scott Long, director of Human Rights Watch’s LGBT branch. While Nepal’s Human Rights Commission seems to have lent him their support, Long and his allies don’t have high hopes, “We have no confidence that the complaint will be investigated.”

Nepal’s premier gay rights group, Blue Diamond Society, also released a statement,

Blue Diamond Society calls on the Nepal Police, Government and other national and international human rights organizations to take action against the Nepal police so that police officers who are supposed to protect the citizens of the country cannot commit such acts with impunity from the law they are here to uphold.

Our rights for protection from HIV and STIs must not be violated.

If only Nepal’s government were listening. Unfortunately, they don’t have the greatest gay track record.