Cosi Crumbles Under Anti-Gay Pressure

You know, we hate to do this, but we have to give props to Upstate New York’s gaycists (for etymology, click here). Why are we commending our sworn enemies, you may ask? Because they’re just so damned organized: it only took them three days to get a month-long queer exhibit yanked from their neighborhood Cosi. Three days! Incredible!

And when we say incredible, we mean, incredibly unappetizing…

It’s actually a pretty ingenious idea – not only does it give a major political issue some human faces, but it allows people like RoseAnn Hermann to get involved on a grassroots level. Hermann – the mother of two gay children – tells The Journal News:

When all is said and done, we want everything for our kids that we have. This is something I cannot give my kids. This is something I need our legislators to do for them.

As part of her efforts, Hermann agreed to display her pictures at her neighborhood Cosi franchise. Like other businesses, the sandwich shop signed up to help spread the message.

Unfortunately, Cosi got some messages of their own, presumably from anti-gay marriage activists, for within three days of the aforementioned Journal News article, two days into what would be a month-long event, the restaurant’s asked Empire State Pride Agenda to remove the exhibit. When asked about the matter, the manager insists he has nothing against the project and that the orders are coming straight from corporate.

Pretty impressive, huh? An article’s published the day before an exhibit hangs, the exhibit goes up, two days later the exhibit comes down. Kudos, anti-gay protesters.

Now, for you pro-gayers, perhaps we can counter-balance this protest with some love notes of our own. If you’re down with the struggle, click here to send Cosi a piece of your lovely mind. If not, well, carry on with your miserable, apathetic existence.