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Coulter Cacophony: Conservatives Take on Ms. C’s Cuntiness

We’ve received countless emails, telephone calls, smoke signals and telepathic messages from readers begging for Andrew Sullivan‘s reaction to Ann Coulter‘s twitchy, defensive appearance on Hannity and Colmes.

Well, the wait is over, patient readers, because old Sullivan’s finally put down that bong and released his statement on Coulter’s statement that her statement was just a joke.

Sullivan writes:

Her defense, however, is that she was making a joke, not speaking a slur. Her logic suggests that the two are mutually exclusive. They’re not.

Coulter’s defense of the slur is that it was directed at an obviously straight man and so could not be a real slur. The premise of this argument is that the word faggot is only used to describe gay men and is only effective and derogatory when used against a gay man. But it isn’t. In fact, in the schoolyard she cites, the primary targets of the f-word are straight boys or teens or men. The word “faggot” is used for two reasons: to identify and demonize a gay man; and to threaten a straight man with being reduced to the social pariah status of a gay man.

Valid points from Mr. Sullivan, we think.

In his piece he also wonders whether or not conservatives are truly down with Coulter’s patented brand of inflammatory ink-grabbing. As you’ve seen, Republican candidates came out against Coulter, thus reassuring the American public that the Grand Old Party’s not down for such childish chiding. But what about the rank and file? Where do they stand? According to two other conservative journos, as far away as possible.

Though Renew America‘s Warner Todd Huston uses his column to compare Coulter’s comments with Bill Maher’s alleged calls for Vice President Dick Cheney’s untimely death, he does take a little time to admonish audacious Ann:

Sadly, she obviously feels she has to say increasingly outrageous things to stay at the top of the news. In fact, at this point she isn’t much different than Whitney Houston, Paris Hilton, or Britney Spears all of whom seem to feel a need to continuously up the ante of crazy behavior to keep getting noticed.

…Coulter no longer does much to aid the cause because her own fame — or more properly her infamy — has become her driving force, the cause having been eclipsed by her need to stay in the news. I feel, at this point, that she is hurting us on the right more than helping us.

Coulter’s over-the-top politics, then, detract the conservative mission: a sentiment echoed by another Renew writer.

Young Kevin Marotte – a boy who looks as if he’s just learned how to spell conservative- – laments the loss of the political sect’s mythical maturity: .

..I was taught that liberals’ arguments are more emotive, while conservatives’ are more rational. Liberals call names and hurl insults, I was told; conservatives use facts, history, and logic to construct their arguments. For the most part, this has always been true. But not now — and conservatives, evidently, seem to like it.

Nevermind the fact that conservatives are easily (yet unfairly) accused of bigotry for their views on homosexuality, affirmative action, and illegal immigration. Nevermind that conservatism, a belief system known for its principled thinkers, has always stressed character and integrity in its adherents. Nay, fling about vile epithets and give the liberals proof of our so-called prejudice.

That was Strike One: Cheering on and encouraging hateful words from conservatism’s most controversial commentator.

In all three of these men’s statements, one sees a disdain for Coulter’s ideologically injurious ways. So, does this mean Coulter will fade quietly into the night? Probably not, but one thing’s for sure: her once-celebrated star’s not shining quite so bright…

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  • Rev. Donald Spitz

    Either Edwards is a faggot or he is not a faggot. I hope he is not, because being a sex perverted faggot is a despicable and disgusting thing to be.
    Romans 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections:
    for even their women did change the natural use into that which is
    against nature:
    :27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the
    woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men
    working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that
    recompence of their error which was meet.
    SAY THIS PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I am a sinner and am headed to eternal hell because of my sins. I believe you died on the cross to take away my sins and to take me to heaven. Jesus, I ask you now to come into my heart and take away my sins and give me eternal life.

  • Subversive Librarian


    I just complained yesterday about some of the really nasty things we liberals have said in response to Coulter’s comments. But the reverend here makes us look good.

    Great blog, by the way!

  • Subversive Librarian

    Oh, forgot to mention this: Deborah’s right (comment #1) about the use of the C-word. It’s pretty much our N-word.

  • James Adair

    Ann Coulter…. Gag!!! After 12 years of working on trauma teams in local medical centers, I’ve come to realize that the site of the most gruesome trauma is easier to stomach then the appearance of Ann Coulter. Is this person really a female or a poorly done gender bender??? He / she might have had a chance with a self respecting man before the invention of electricity. And…when did the Republican Party start allowing drag queens to be their voice at fund raising dinners??? The CPAC collection of reptiles like Dick Cheney and Ann Coulter is a typical rogue’s gallery of those who claim to be conservative but are really just the complete opposite.

    The sad thing about people like Ann Coulter is the fact that there is absolutely no substance to the individual. It’s easy to figure out what people like this really stand for as they have never walked the true walk in life and talk is always cheap. Coulter, Bush, Cheney and all neoconservatives are only good at standing on ideologies and never living up to the standards that they claim to believe in. As long as it is someone else or someone else’s children who are hurt or die as a result of their illegal, unconstitutional, extremist political party causes, the Coulters of the world are more then happy to disgrace and shame those who actually do possess any real integrity.

    If the Republican Party really wants to be conservative, moral or Christian, they need to purge their ranks of their Ann Coulters. Low life individuals like Ann Coulter, George Bush and Dick Cheney should be forced to go serve on the front lines of Iraq. Maybe…just maybe, that might temper their hypocritical self serving hate filled speeches with a big dose of reality. People like this never last very long when they have to stand up and be counted. If Coulter and her reptilian following of corrupt anti-Christian, pseudo-conservative minions are supposed to be the good guys…I don’t even want to see the bad. Those who really know Christ do not conduct themselves in a manner such as Ann Coulter.

    Ann…we all realize that ignorance breeds imitation but your low tactics are getting old and very predictable. We all understand that you must be compensating for something that you missed out on in your childhood. However, you really do need a new gimmick. The Taliban and other religious extremists who preach hate and murderous ideologies were around long before you. Your Christian version of Taliban ideology is just not funny and Republicans should be ashamed for laughing at or justifying any of your rhetoric or for paying to hear your sociopathic views at dinners. Give it up and get a life. Your approach is just not doing the trick any longer…

  • Burl Ratcliffe

    The story should not be just Ann Coulter. The story should include the laughter and aplause from the audience and the simple fact that every major Republican candidate (minus one) still feels a need to pander to the extreme right.

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