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Country crooner TJ Osborne on the unexpected response to his coming out


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“I instantaneously felt like I wish I had done this a long time ago. I expected a wave of love from family and friends, but I did not expect it to feel the way it felt… I think it’s one thing when you just know and assume people love you, and it’s different when you hear it, and when you hear it with sincerity. Right now I feel so incredibly loved. To have people that I never even expected to say anything reaching out to me ― people that I feel like personify masculinity and straight culture to the nth degree, who are coming out with a lot of pride for me ― that was really the moment to me that made me feel like, ‘Wow, that was there the whole time.'”–Country star TJ Osborne of The Brothers Osborne, reflecting on the reaction to his coming out earlier this week. Osborne told Ellen DeGeneres that he’d feared how his fans and the country music industry would respond to his coming out as gay. The response, so far, has been overwhelmingly positive.