Has High Hopes, Expectations For America

Craig Reporter Speaks Out

It’s been two months since we heard about Larry Craig’s disorderly conduct arrest in Minnesota. In honor of this blessed anniversary, CBS News sat down with Idaho Newstateman‘s Dan Popkey, the dedicated journo who spent nearly a year delving into Craig’s reported faggotry. As the dust settles around Craig, Popkey’s got one hope: that America’s learned its lesson.

This story is a very big deal, but not only on a political level. I think it has enormous cultural consequences. And I hope that there will be some positive change because of it. I think that some people who may have had closed minds about whether a gay person can serve well in a high office … they might have their minds opened as a result of this.

Popkey also worries that he’s not his paper’s best public representative. Don’t worry, Popkey, we’ve seen you on television and you’re doing a great job. Although, you could use a bit more graphic language. But that’s just our fucking style.