Crowd Erupts In Cheers When Gay Couple Makes Out On Dodgers’ Jumbotron

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 4.41.22 PMSports has been having something of a great gay moment of late, with fans, players, and commentators making news by choosing to break the cycle of traditionally homophobic male athletics.

That’s not to say there’s full acceptance of LGBT people on and off the various fields of play, but a shift is undeniably underway.

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Just take a look at this video of baseball fans reacting to a same-sex lip lock on the kiss cam of a recent Dodgers game in Los Angeles.

There isn’t simply a lack of booing, but an influx of cheering.

The kiss comes on at around the :28 mark:

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Steve Hartline, an attendee at the game tells The Gaily Grind:

“I was at the Dodger/Diamondbacks game on Saturday evening at Dodger Stadium. Kiss Cam comes on, and after a few standard awkward couple moments, the camera focuses on two men. My natural instinct was this was for a gag/cheap laugh, but the two men turned to each other and kiss, indicating they are a real-life loving couple, not a punchline. Could this the first for a MLB game?

Either way, I’m glad I was there, as it felt historic, and was proud of the loud, enthusiastic response from the crowd. Not one person around me groaned or made derogatory remarks, and seemed genuinely pleased with the moment.”

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