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Cruise line says “COVID Corey” does NOT work for them so please stop with the angry tweets

Corey Hannon

Corey Hannon became gay public enemy #1 last weekend when he posted a video to his Instagram stories bragging about how he wasn’t going to let his COVID-19 symptoms stop him from partying on Fire Island.

An outcry ensued and Hannon, nicknamed “COVID Corey,” posted a followup video blasting his critics, calling them “nasty” and saying he hoped they all got COVID, too.

Well, it didn’t take long for internet sleuths to find the 27-year-old’s Facebook profile, where he describes himself as “Forever a hot mess,” to see where he worked.

On his About page, Hannon listed Norwegian Cruise Line and Kings of Kobe, a burger joint in New York City, as his employers.

Since then, Cruise Norwegian has been fielding angry tweets from people demanding to know whether Hannon still works there. (Spoiler alert: He doesn’t. Nor has he ever.)

As for Kings of Kobe, it, too, has been inundated with angry tweets and has responded to several people by informing them Hannon hasn’t worked there in months.

Hannon has since issued an apology for his behavior and updated his Facebook profile to remove both Norwegian Cruise Line and Kings of Kobe from his list of employers, though he still describes himself as “Forever a hot mess.”

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