Cruise-Ship Worker Claims John Travolta Propositioned Him In 2009

Another man has come forward to accuse embattled actor John Travolta of propositioning him for the sex—the news here is that it wasn’t a massage worker.

Chilean Fabian Zanzi was working on a Royal Caribbean cruise in 2009 when Travolta allegedly offered him $12,000 for sex, reports the Spanish-news website “He told me he had something on his neck,” Zanzi, who was responsible for VIP guests, says. “I thought it was fuzz. As I approached, he took off his white robe and was naked He hugged me and asked me to do a massage.”

Travolta’s attorney, Marty Singer, is pooh-poohing this claim, much as they have the previous two:

“This individual is simply hopping on the bandwagon to get his 15 minutes of fame by coming up with a story for the first time with something that supposedly happened over three years ago,” Singer told the Daily News. “Nobody has ever heard from this guy before. No lawyer has contacted us.”

Um, maybe that’s because Zanzi doesn’t want anything from Travolta—he just wanted to share his story?

More witnesses are popping up to refute John Doe No. 1’s claim that the star was in L.A. on January 16—including an officer at the Westchester County airport Travolta landed at, and a costume designer on his upcoming film, Killing Season, shooting in New York at the time.

We’d give them more credence than a restaurant receipt and weird hologram-looking photo, but what do you think? Is Travolta the victim of scammers looking for a payday or does he have a serious problem keeping it in his pants?