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Darren Hayes criticizes new posthumous George Michael music video: “He would be mortified”

After decades in the industry, singer Darren Hayes knows a thing or two about how how important an artist’s vision is. That understanding has him speaking out against a recent posthumous production of former gay contemporary, George Michael.

Sony recently released a new video for Michael’s song “Fastlove”, compiled from outtakes and behind the scenes clips from the filming of the original. These clips included set-ups for shots that weren’t in the original, incomplete dance moves, and plenty of clapboards.

The full BTS video went up earlier this month:

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This weekend, the former Savage Garden vocalist took to Twitter to protest the video.

Hayes argued that there’s a reason these outtakes were, well, taken out:

“There’s a reason why footage is left on a cutting room floor or demos are left unreleased,” he continued. “If an artist didn’t release something in their lifetime it’s safe to assume it was intentional.

“I think it’s a real violation of the artistic process to dig up unfinished or unreleased material without a living artist’s express consent.”

Responses ranged from commenters criticizing Sony for the move to bringing up other such instances. Some cited the posthumous self-titled Michael Jackson album, the recently unearthed Queen song, or the recent David Bowie NFTs as what they view as artistic exploitation.

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This dispute joins a larger discussion around artists’ legacies that’s been going on for years. In cases like Whitney Houston’s hologram being used for performances or the recent, highly-criticized Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde, a thin line between tribute and misappropriation sometimes seems crossed.

Along with the new video of cutting room floor material, the label released a “Making of the Video” short with commentary by the creators of the original video.

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