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Davey Wavey And His Anal Douche

For two men to have anal sex with each other, a certain routine of cleansing must take place. Perhaps, during your first sexual encounter, neither you nor your partner realized this. And then things got disgusting and you never, ever wanted to be a gay man again. And then you found out about cleaning one’s bottom — and how it’s an activity that’s best silently acknowledged, but never spoken about, because: ew. Take it away, Davey.

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  • Devon

    Hmm…Davey Wavey…Anal douche…

    Nah screw it, it’s just too easy.

  • TonyD

    I had to explain douching “back there” to a female friend, which turned into a whole conversation with all my friends throwing questions at me left and right, which was great. It opened everyone up, due to my bluntness, about anal sex- gay/lesbian/bi/straight/regardless of whatever anyone chose to proclaim themselves as. We spent a whole evening talking about butt sex, “brown butterflies,” “Hershey Kisses” on the tip of condoms, and other reasons why you want to douche; in addition, guys like fingers up their butt, even if they identify as heterosexual, or so the more I found.

  • PopSnap

    Uh. Ew?

  • Marvin

    too funny
    But yeah, Do your douching at home before hand because it really kills the mood when you do it at your date’s house. That smell carries for miles.

  • Gert

    You know what, feel sorry for Davey. Until he started using steroids to overdevelop his pecs, he was just another ugly queen with a gay voice whose only redeeming quality was his smooth chest. He’s transformed himself with the power of steroids and Youtube. You need to give him credit.

  • Sceth

    I want one of these as a pet.


    @Devon: Ya took the words right offa my keyboard…………..

    @Sceth: The douche or Dr.D. Wavey?? :p

  • WindReader

    no one talks about anal douching? apparently you have never listened to the “Big Gay Sex Show” podcast. Matt and Weegie talk about being clean ‘back there’ all the time, letting the next generation of big ole bottoms know how to avoid nasty moments in the bedroom. or the sling. or the tubs. or …. whatever

  • Abbie

    Will someone explain the difference between an anal douche and an enema? Is it just word preference?

    He doesn’t look to me like he’s on steroids. They’re either low dose or poor quality. I know guys who are much more muscular who are not on steroids.

  • concernedcitizen

    @Abbie: anal douche is just a water pump basically and you only use water, an enema often has either a salt solution or other laxative which empties the upper as well as lower colon. Most healthcare practitioners (who weigh in on the subject) say that enemas are far too invasive for anal sex.
    If you have a healthy diet that’s high in fiber a simple anal douche with hot water should be more than enough to clean out any excess fecal matter. It’s best to use just plain water rather than a soap solution etc. because the lining of the rectum is very sensitive and can dry out from the soap which may result in micro tears. Lots of lube during anal sex is recommended and of course always practice safe sex!

  • Soupy

    I’m confused. Which one is Davey and which one is the anal douche?

  • Vinnyc

    Say what you want,but the guy has the whole chest thing going for him,infact the only thing. His voice is really annoying especially if you want to hear for more than 90 secs and he has absolutely nothing interesting to say. Surely he can come up with something. Talk sex, take safe sex,get naked .I really like that the Gay community is now having its own version of Paris hiltons,Kim K.Yeeahh…

    When is the next update on that 30days dating guy?

  • concernedcitizen

    @Vinnyc: the 30 days guy doesn’t start his voyage until October.

  • robert

    Will he now be known as Douchey Wavey?

  • Pip

    ok, so I don’t have a problem with discussing anal douches in general, but Davvy Wavvy has no self awareness. He’s disgusting, and doesn’t understand that vulgarity isn’t funny.

  • Nick

    Of course…you know…you don’t have to take a dick in the ass to have sex. There are 101 ways to have sex, and 100 of those ways don’t include penetration. Gay men need to get more creative when they f*ck. There is more to gay sex than “gay top” and “gay bottom.”


    Mr. Queerty Writer: OK it is a delicate subject regarding the origins of why one may feel the need to discuss said subject matter of this thread. Yet this is certainly not a bump on the road to sexual bliss that onny the Gays encounter. Our straight brothers and sisters also must deal with this situation also. (and god knows how many straight men lust after that special point of entry :p) However I doubt that when a straight dude encounters the same results he thinks he “never wants to be a straight man again”……………Unfortunately as they say, shit happens….

  • Lanjier

    Squats, squats, squats. I am sick of seeing his torso. It is starting to remind me of that youtube video – Dancing Pedro.

  • Gay Weddings

    Ya, way to easy to compare Davey Wavey to a Douche…he’s lucky he’s cute lol. I’m all for the anal douche…spontaneity can be fun, but scat is not…yuck!

  • TonyD

    @TonyD: Oh, 1 more thing- don’t douche yourself raw; there are anal mucus glans in yer butt that shouldn’t be disturbed, or you’ll bleed, rip tissue, or worse.

  • Black Pegasus

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: You make a good point about Str8 men and women. Can you imagine how unclean most of them are during sex? Ugh!

    With the exception of a tiny few, most of the Gay dudes I’ve been with were clean. They had fresh smelling balls, and their assholes were lickable clean. I think Gay guys in general are very aware of hygiene before sex. Our Str8 counterparts are nowhere as cleanly as we are. JMO

  • Phil

    I think their “lack” of hygiene, and our hyper-awareness of it,comes mainly from the fact that they don’t have to deal with poo everywhere when they have their vanilla sex. I’d be interested in knowing whether or not lesbians douche before performing oral.

  • gilber

    well as far as i know caribbean women all do anal sex,many of them have vaginal infections because of that practice.i particularly don’t find anal sex dirty. the very few times we have tried to have it,we ended up with terrible butt pain.the whole thing is simply about how much pain one can stand.

  • David

    The secret love child of Don Knotts and Anne Heche taking a watery enema shit…. not an image I want in my brain.

  • Kieran

    This video should be required viewing at every ex-Gay camp across America.

  • David

    He makes a good point for bottoms.

    My first 2 relationshops — we were both tops, and we made do.
    My 3rd was a bottom, best sex I’ve ever had. He was great as long as he was horizontal; but as soon as his feet hit the floor, he was not so good (long story).
    But, my 3rd knew about the anal flush, and his doing so made things work so much better.

    IMHO, Davey Wavy’s video on this topic is a public service to folks who don’t know about such things. Here in the Dallas area, that would include a lot of people.

    On the topic of steroids — No, he’s not. If he was, he’d be more puffy all over, with more zits and cystic acne. Some guys just look good, and that’s all there is to it.

  • Syl

    @Phil: Well, too much washing down there can lead to drying out, yeast infections, PID, and other bad stuff, but occasional light rinsing before oral sex is okay. Some girls are just lucky to smell nice down there. ^_^

  • scott ny'er

    @Black Pegasus: It’s an asshole. You can never really be clean. No matter what you do down there.


    @Black Pegasus:
    “They had fresh smelling balls, and their assholes were lickable clean.”…… You may have a future in advertising! :p

    I gots to agree with BP, the vast majority of the Gays are pretty aware of what may do down down there. We tend to keep those areas neat and tidy and fresh smelling.

    And believe it or not I have actually had this conversation with some of my straight friends. They being straight guys are obsessed with anything anal. I mention rimming and tell them that most Gays are usually pretty Downey fresh in that area and ready for action as soon as the wrapper is ripped off. They always reply anytime they get near the rear of a girl they always must beat a hasty retreat…Guess the straight ladies need some housekeeping tips……

    Maybe they need to revive Queer Eye and rename it:
    “Queer Eye for the Straight Rear”……. :p

  • Ryan C

    My advice to every bottom is the same advice to every straight female:

    The second you think altering your body chemistry is a necessary part of the act, you need to rethink things.

    Anal sex is through the ass, for Chrise’ sake. You’re shitting yourself if you think you’re going to have a fluffy, clean time—no pun intended.

  • Abbie

    @concernedcitizen: Thanks for an excellent explanation.

  • TheInsider

    I think this really did it for me. It’s beyond gross, infantile, stupid, immature, idiotic. This self-delusional, childish, steroid-filled queen with no brains is an embarrassment to all gay men who are out there fighting for our rights. I bet he must be soooo proud of spewing crap like this.

  • Pip

    @Marvin: Douching in my experience is a lot less smelly than a regular number 2. The water dilutes the whole process, so its actually a lot more pleasant all around.

  • Qjersey

    NEVER use hot water, warm water only. Those nozzles that attach to the faucet are also not recommended. One cup of water at a time for douching, may take 2-3 “rinses”

  • Kamikapse

    If my face was as fugly as his I’d also work to get that body..

  • Ken S

    @Nick: I’m not sure how to read your comment without detecting this sort of condescending tone as though “this video shouldn’t even have been made, because not everyone has anal sex.” But that’s like saying “there should be no videos about condom use, because there are ways to have sex where there’s no use for a condom.”

    We all know that there are ways to have sex that don’t involve anal/fucking. This video isn’t really relevant to those activities, but it may be relevant to the many, many people who do like anal/fucking. If *you* don’t find it useful then abstain from watching, rather than declaring the information “useless” for everyone.

  • Pickles

    I just have to clarify one thing- he implies that after you anal douche you’re kinda “good to go” with eating ass. Errr… not quite. Eating ass is amazing and incredibly dumb. My bf and I loved eating -till we both got a parasite that was literally gut wrenching -FOR A YEAR. Gurgles, horrid antibiotics, a letter from the CDC, probably $600 in stool tests (yep, NOT covered by our good med insurance) more antibiotics, no booze for 6 weeks… just saying, it can bite you in the ass, as it were. No warm water anal douche is gonna delete that possibility. Heed the warning butt munchers. It’s sssssooooooo good but terribly dangerous.

  • scott ny'er

    @Pickles: I’d like to hear more about what your symptoms were. I don’t know why peeps thumb down posts like these because I feel they are important to the discussion. And again, your unfortunate experience illustrates what I said before, it’s an asshole, no matter what you do, it’s function is to expel stuff. Stuff you might not see or can’t douche out. IF you’re going to get fucked down there, you might get a peanut or something. While a little gross, that’s what happens and just go with it.

    Thanks for sharing PIckles. A year, sheesh.

  • UMB

    I’m so glad my boyfriend has as little interest in anal sex as I do.

  • bobby

    @Ryan C:

    omg, thank you. I thought I was the only one who finds the whole “douche” thing a turnoff. Like waxed chests, balls that smell like AXE instead of man and refrigerator-white teeth, anal douching strips us of the very humanity that makes sex…sexy. Seriously, one need not hose out their insides to prevent the event from becoming excessively scattalogical and anyone who can’t deal with the natural function of “back there” really shouldn’t be going “back there”.

  • Ms. Jimmi

    @UMB: Thank you for saying that. I have always preferred mutual oral, masturbation, frotage, etc. to the whole anal thing. Sure, I have down the anal thing and it was nice, thank you, but it isn’t always a prerequisite. I have always enjoyed sucking my man off and swallowing his essence more.

  • Nate

    Anal douch…is…real?
    I did not know this.

  • jared sullivan

    sometimes my dog likes to nail me in the rear while i’m banging my boyfriend’s anus. it’s like a barking choo-choo train, and i highly recommend. however, i am just wondering if this is dangerous regarding doggie germs, and i am also wondering if i should try to give the dog an anal douche, as i would like to “return the favor” to pookie. any feedback appreciated.

  • Hunter

    I cannot stand this kid in the video.
    He is such a stereotypical sleazy faggot.
    Talk about a throwback.

  • NyanGag

    @Abbie: Enema is for medical reasons. Anal douching is used as a general expression.

  • Robert

    Davey Wavey you are amazing, this has just opened up a whole new world for me, I now have Aladdin in my head lol

  • [email protected]

    i think anal douching is a must for anal sex cus its more sanitary and who whould want poop on there dick once there done having sex not me plus if there is ever going to be such a thing like gay sex ed in high school then that and alot of other facts should be coverd for the benefit for homosexual and bisexual kind to actually have knowlage of safe sex tought to them in schools instead of by social media

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