David Paterson’s Got Gay Pride

Governor David Paterson definitely made an impression during yesterday’s pride here in New York. Thousands of parade revelers cheered as Paterson marched down Fifth Avenue, obviously seduced by the governor’s pro-homo politics.

Paterson made a big impression earlier this month when he announced that New York State would honor out-of-state same-sex marriages. While some politicians only turn out to pride during election years or out of official obligation, Paterson informs NY Times that he’s been going to pride since the event’s early days:

He said he attended his first parade in 1976 at the urging of a gay friend and had walked in them on and off ever since.

“Back then, we would march in the back,” he said. “But then we learned that wasn’t cool because you couldn’t hear the music in the back. So we moved up.” He added that in those early years, he did not generate quite the same amount of attention from the crowd.

“I don’t think I’ll be anonymous today,” he said.

Honey, you’ll never be anonymous again. You’re a regular queen!