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Defending The TN Housing Director Who Knows Gay Tenants Are Just As Bad As Drug-Pushing Murderers

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is tossing around the idea of adding LGBTs to its anti-discrimination rules that, bound by the the Fair Housing Act, already prohibit things like race, religion, and sex to be used in consideration of tenants. So when HUD asked housing authorities around the country for some feedback on the proposed changes, it fell on to Vicki Barnes, director of the Tennessee’s Sweetwater Housing Authority, to remind the federal government that homosexuals are as bad as drug pushers and killers.

Responding to HUD in a January letter, Barnes says queers have made a “personal and moral lifestyle choice,” just like “other groups who make a personal lifestyle choice [including] drug users and sellers, gang members, prostitutes, cults and murderers.” It “is not a matter of discrimination,” writes Barnes, because letting LGBTs “call themselves a family” will “cause chaos in the communities and take away the stability and security of the families,” while also promoting things like “a lifestyle of not working,” a “lifestyle where children will be emotionally and possibly physically abused and neglected.” Meanwhile, landlords who participate in Section 8 housing will start running away from “your definition of family” because “they will choose not to be bullied into housing people who have chosen a lifestyle which goes against their moral convictions, or groups of people who will damage their property.”

Well that sounds promising from somebody who’s in charge of enforcing HUD’s existing anti-discrimination rules.

For those remarks, Barnes has merely been censured, says Sweetwater Housing Authority Board Chairman Wayne Key (pictured). “Once she read the letter and had her attention called to it, she realized that that could seem very inflammatory, and she immediately regretted that, said, if she had it to do over again, she wouldn’t write it that way,” Key adds. Translation: Barnes, who’s been in office in 12 years, is sorry her feelings about LGBTs were made public, but she is not sorry about the way she feels about you queers.

Here is Barnes’ full letter to HUD:

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  • The sane Francis

    Homophobia=threatened by homosexual persons.

  • Akula

    “personal lifestyle choice [including] drug users and sellers, gang members, prostitutes, cults and murderers.” You can also toss in there religion and having children and we all know how destructive both of those are to this country.

  • Kev C

    This is what happens when the government asks morons for their opinion. And now the moron is at risk of losing her job .. a lifestyle of not working.

  • kelli anne Busey

    WHEW! She didn’t include my transsexual “choice”, so I have validation I’m at least as good as her. Wait, is that a good thing?

  • Mac McNeill

    I’m a public servant working for a county office in Nevada, but this person makes me ashamed for her as a fellow public servant. I do hope she loses her job and lose everything that goes with it.

  • Mac McNeill

    There is a telephone number on the sign there, maybe we all ought to call on Monday and make a complaint of discrimination.

  • jason

    Vicki Barnes is an idiot. As for lifestyle choices, gay people choose to follow many different types of lifestyles. You have the conservative gays, you have the liberal gays, you have the chaste gays, you have the promiscuous gays, you have the gym bunny gays…the list goes on and on. I’m absolutely amazed that Vicki Barnes would think that there is one particular lifestyle that all gay people adhere to.

  • enapets21

    Great. Now I’m a drug user, drug dealer, gang member, prostitute, cult member and murderer. Oh, and I neglect the children I don’t have.

    It’s news to me. All I thought I am is gay – it’s good to be educated on how I destroy society >.>

  • Petrarch

    Ironically, the gays include some of the few who actually give a damn about the state of their dwellings and make an effort to make them as presentable as possible. We have seen this in neighborhood after neighborhood across the country, where the gays have cleaned up and brought back to life dying and decaying areas. Of course, that is when they are not abusing children, sitting idle, selling drugs, and generally attempting to ruin society by their very presence.

  • robert in NYC

    And heterosexuality isn’t a lifestyle? They choose to be straight too I suppose or would she say, they are born “normal” to get her off the hook?

  • Mac McNeill

    Seems to me the slums and rundown apartment buildings are usually inhabited by straight families. Gays are usually busy keeping their places nice. I would love to have a gay in a building than a straight anytime. But what do I know, I’m just a drug user, pedophile, gang member gay. LOL. What an idiot. I think on Monday I’ll give her a call. Give her something else to complain about gay for.

  • DeGuyz in Mississippi

    I did sign the petition at Change.org and I heard while she may have not lost her job because of civil servant protection, all of her future letters will be reviewed by her superiors. She really needs to look in the mirror and judge her own before judging others.

  • Brian Miller

    All, the latest of millions of examples why the popularity of big government progressive socialism amongst gay people is so mystifying.

    Hundreds of thousands of people like this woman would administer all the social programs that progressives demand.

  • JustCurious

    Some social scientist should design a study to follow up with these clowns who get pwnd when they open their cracker mouths or spew their bigoted tripe in public documents. I mean really. This chick is having a *very* bad week. Will she learn something? Will she convert to be a Lesbian (note, that’s the only orientation capitalized!) Will she grab a Glock & blow Richard Simmons away? The number of these self-mutilating idiots increases daily. We’ll soon have a cohort.

  • Shannon1981

    She should be fired. Seriously. Showing that kind of contempt/disgust for any group of people should never be allowed for anyone in a position of public servitude.

  • Roman

    Ms. Barnes should be fired.

  • Palto

    I would love to drag Barnes by her short hairs along with a news crew up to Asbury Park N.J. Once a den of drugs and crime, the gays took it over and transformed it into a beautiful and welcoming area.

  • annalisefey

    THIS is why I don’t tell peope i’m from Tennessee, I swear we don’t all act like this.

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