Activist Reminds Party Of "One Percent"

Dems Need To Remember Trans Folk

Trans activist Monica F. Helms headed to the Democratic National Committee convention in Las Vegas last weekend. Here’s a note from her notes on the noteworthy trip:

During the Issues Briefing, two people had a presentation on the issues facing the DNC and the country. They used a Power Point slide that listed the various areas of the population the DNC include. On the list I saw the words “sexual orientation,” but I didn’t see “gender identity and gender expression.”

If any transgender person wants to get involved in getting the “T” out to vote, contact me at I have a plan on what we need to do in regards to the DNC this time. We need to drive home one simple message. “One Percent.”

Why “One Percent?” Over the last 5 years there have been various independent surveys/studies/researches done that when combined, we get a picture that one percent of the American population falls under the transgender umbrella.

Stick it to the man, girl!