Did Catholic University Marquette Revoke Her Job Offer Because She’s a Gay?

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When any employer revokes a job offer, that it already gave a job candidate and the job candidate accepts, it’s grounds for serious questioning of the decision. When it happens to be Marquette University, the Roman Catholic university and the largest in Wisconsin, which did just that to Seattle University professor Jodi O’Brien, it’s grounds for serious questioning whether O’Brien being a lesbian had anything to do with it.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!, screams the university’s mouthpiece. Students, rallying in support of O’Brien, disagree.

So why dump O’Brien — selected to become dean of the College of Arts and Sciences — after offering her the job? Because of a “flawed” candidate selection process, the school says, that evidently overlooked not just O’Brien’s sexuality, but also her writings about gay marriage and sex.

Which indicates O’Brien is not the one with qualification issues; that honor falls to the stupid board of regents or whoever managed to so badly screw up and pick a dyke to be a dean at a Catholic school.