Did FRC Shooter Floyd Corkins Have A Second Target?

The head of the Traditional Values Coalition claims the FBI told her the group was a potential second target for Floyd Corkins II, who opened fire at the DC offices of the Family Research Council last week.

TVC president Andrea Sheldon Lafferty was apparently visited by FBI agents after Wednesday’s shooting, and was told by members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force that information on the Coalition was written in a note found in Corkins’ pocket—including the anti-gay group’s address.

“I was stunned,” Lafferty, the daughter of TVC founder Rev. Lou Sheldon, told The AP. “We have been on [the SPLC’s] hit list longer than any other group,” she said, pointing a finger at the watchdog group for labeling her hate group, well, a hate group. She also blamed the Attorney General’s office for not protecting groups like hers: “Under this Justice Department, Christians are a very low priority on their lists of concerns.”

Apparently Lafferty, like Tony Perkins, isn’t one to waste a chance to play the innocent victim.  Here’s what RightWingWatch.org says about Lafferty’s organization:

The Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) is a small but influential organization that appears to consist mostly of the Rev. Lou Sheldon and his daughter Andrea Sheldon Lafferty. Both are mainstays on the conservative circuit, though their reputation has been damaged by revelations that Lou Sheldon took money from disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff to help kill an anti-gambling bill that would have hurt one of Abramoff’s clients.

 * Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) describes itself as the largest church-lobby in the United States. TVC’s mission is “to restore America’s cultural heritage” by opposing gay and lesbian civil rights, reproductive freedom, the teaching of evolution in public schools, and sex education curricula that does not stress abstinence.

* It distributes information about gays and lesbians, often referring to gays and lesbians as “sexual predators” and “pedophiles.”

* TVC was active in state battles over constitutional amendments outlawing civil rights protections for gays and lesbians in Colorado and Oregon. TVC has also helped organized anti-gay initiatives in California, Arizona, Missouri, and Washington.

* The group was instrumental in convincing the California State Board of Education to reject a health education curriculum that touched on such subjects as homosexuality and AIDS. TVC has also worked to preserve sodomy laws in California.

Gee, that sounds like some pretty hateful rhetoric right there. But let’s get it from the horse’s mouth, shall we:

Lafferty opposes hate-crime legislation, saying proponents “are trying to take a handful of hideous, horrible crimes and use that to force acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle,” and fears such laws would be “used by homosexual activists to punish any person who has the courage to speak out against the recruitment of children by homosexuals.”

But she’s really just a chip off the old block. Old Lou Sheldon once complained that “Americans should understand that their attitudes about homosexuality have been deliberately and deceitfully changed by a masterful propaganda/marketing campaign that rivals that of Adolph Hitler.”  He claimed pro-gay campaigns “are taken from Hitler’s writings and propaganda welfare manuals.”

Corkins, who is being represented by the Public Defenders office,  faces charges of assault with intent to kill and bringing firearms across state lines. He is being held in custody pending a hearing next week.

We’re not sure what we hate Corkins for more: Bringing violence into the debate on gay rights, or giving those bigots something to harp on.

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  • Roger Rabbit

    Aw heck,

    Let’s do what they do and start a rumor that he was REALLY paid by them to do it.

  • Neo

    She invoked Godwin’s law. A neochristian conservative invoked the nazi comparison. They have taken the victim complex into another dimension, do they forget Hitler was a christian.

  • Clockwork

    Why do you folks mix the armed Corkins with other topics?

    If you want to be critical of Traditional Values Coalition, fine do it separately;
    Otherwise it’s justifying walking into offices of people you disagree with and opening fire.

    Go ahead and say what you like about their propaganda, but we all have free speech in this country without having to get an arm blown off.

  • Neo

    @Clockwork: Sarah Palin incited someone to try and blow the brains out of Gifford last year. Their religion incited Anders Brievik to murder nearly 100 people.

    They incite hundreds/thousands of attacks on not only LGBT but people with “Liberal values” every single year. The fact only one person [supposedly] has snapped under such weight of sheer hatred is a shining beacon of putting moral and societal values into absolute practice.

    They murder hundreds every year. “We” have [supposedly at this point] injured one. We are better than them, and every day proves it.

  • B

    Why would one assume the note denotes a second target instead of an alternate target? It’s anyone’s guess at this point – until Corkins spills the beans and the police/FBI release the details.

    Corkins’ best defense other than insanity might be to claim that he had no intention of killing someone and was going to use the gun to destroy computers and other equipment, plus intimidating anyone who might try to interfere. He’d still be in a lot of trouble, of course, but the sentence might be shorter than for “assault with intent to kill” (he’d have to claim that he shot the gun by accident due to being nervous or something). Regardless, it will be interesting to see what his defense lawyer comes up with. It’s going to be “any excuse in a storm” and definitely a long shot.

  • Clockwork

    >We’re not sure what we hate Corkins for more: Bringing violence into the debate on gay rights, or giving those bigots something to harp on.

    This is a comment of moral equivalence between violence and speech.
    Some of you people would fail a course in ethics. It is mind blowing the anything goes approach that has become accepted by many GLBT-ers seeking equality.

    Corkins is toast, he is going to a federal prison for a long time.
    No one, No one at FRC, TVC, HRC, GetEqual, or this site will ever go to prison for what they say. Because what Corkins did does not compare to the others, that is how civilized man exists.

  • debbinpink

    You reap what you sow, these bigots preach hate, but when it comes back to bite them in the ass, they scream.
    I don;t in any way condone what Corkins did, but people in glass houses should not throw stones,

  • Cam

    You guys,

    Clock work is on these posts constnatly defending the bigots.

    As for Clockwork, nice try.

  • Ridpathos

    Godwin’s Law! She Loses!

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