Did Newt Gingrich Call For Obama To Be Impeached Over DOMA, Or Not?

Did you hear same-sex marriage is no longer that big a deal in politics? With President Obama all but nullifying his administration’s core defense of DOMA, we should be in the middle of radio silence, even from conservative Republicans, about the issue then, right? Haha, not if you’re Newt Gingrich, who loves to find reasons to impeach presidents, and who tells Newsmax TV, “I believe the House Republicans next week should pass a resolution instructing the president to enforce the law and to obey his own constitutional oath, and they should say if he fails to do so that they will zero out [defund] the office of attorney general and take other steps as necessary until the president agrees to do his job. His job is to enforce the rule of law and for us to start replacing the rule of law with the rule of Obama is a very dangerous precedent.” Some have interpreted these remarks as Gingrich calling for Obama to be impeached, but Team Gingrich insists, “Gingrich never raised impeachment nor did he say we were in a constitutional crisis. His remarks, as can be seen in the video, were to illustrate the hypocrisy of the media and the left. He explicitly says that Obama did not intend to spark a constitutional crisis but that the president is acting outside of his constitutional role, but that does not mean that there is a constitutional crisis.” So maybe same-sex marriage really isn’t that big a deal in politics. But: Lefty media hypocrites? Still ruining the nation.