Did Pope Francis Call A Young Man To Reassure Him It Was OK To Be Gay?

Pope_FrancisA 25-year-old French sales assistant claims Pope “Who Am I To Judge?” Francis rang him up recently to tell him that his homosexuality “didn’t matter,” something the Vatican categorically denies.

Christophe Trutino of Toulouse, France wrote to His Holiness expressing fear that he’d burn in hell for all eternity for being gay. Where he got that idea is anyone’s guess, but as Trutino told local paper La Dépêche du Midi (as translated by The Local):

“It was he who started the conversation,” Trutino said. ” He said ‘Christopher? It’s Pope Francis’. I was unsettled, of course. I asked, ” Really? ” He replied : “Yes.”

“I know it’s hard to believe, but it really happened like that. From that moment on , I no longer doubted,” said the young Frenchman.

“I received the letter that you sent me. You need to remain courageous and continue to believe and pray and stay good,” the man at the end of the phone told him during the nine-minute conversation in Spanish.

“Your homosexuality. It doesn’t matter. One way or another, we are all children of God. This is why we must continue to be good,” he continued.

Trutino said the phone call concluded with the person he believed to be the Pope asking the young man to pray for him and that he would do the same in return.

Like, super-sweet, right? Well, hold your Horses of the Apocalypse. The Vatican has “firmly denied” that the Pope called Trutino, who they say may have been a victim of a hoax.

“The Pope never called this person. The only time the Pope has called France was to speak to Cardinal Barbarin. I absolutely deny this information,” Vatican spokesman Father Lomnbardi told Le Figaro, adding, “There is always the risk that people pretend to be the pope over the phone.”

So maybe Trutino made it all up. Or maybe Pope Benedict is just having shits and giggles now that he’s retired, making prank calls in his free time. Or maybe Pope Francis — known to call up his followers to offer a word of compassion — did contact this young man and The Vatican just wants to keep a hardline on the whole gay thing. After all, it’s been x number of days since the last gay scandal and if they keep it holy for the rest of the year, they might get their BDSM porn privileges back.

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