Did the New York Senate Shake Up Help Gay Marriage?


Maybe yesterday’s New York State Senate shake up isn’t all bad news? Despite the apparent loss of two Democrats to the Republican party, at least one of them is calling on his peers to bring same-sex marriage to a vote.

As we noted yesterday in our analysis of how marriage would be affected by the fracas, Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. of the Bronx (who yesterday, along with Hiram Monserrate of Queens, aligned himself with Republicans) openly stated he supported marriage equality.

In an interview this morning, he declared he wanted the bill to go to a vote. But, he notes: “There will be no guarantees and no quid pro quos, I think there will be a vote of conscience of the senators. And with my partner in government, Senator Skelos, we have not discussed bringing it out to the floor. I’m expressing my own personal desire to see a full debate and decision on this matter.”

Which means while Espada may want the vote brought to the floor, his new Majority Leader Sen. Dean Skelos may not allow it. Which wouldn’t exactly be much of a turn of events; the Democratic Majority Leader (up until yesterday) Malcolm Smith wouldn’t give the bill a vote, either.