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On DOMA’s 14th Birthday, DNC Remembers It’s Tangentially Committed to Its Repeal

On its “Civil Rights” page, the re-branded Democratic National Committee has added the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act — which was missing before — to the list of items the organization is “committed to.”

You can call this a win, I guess? But c’mon: The first time around the DNC did include passing ENDA and repealing DADT on its site, and anyone who’s been monitoring the “commitment” to doing either of these things can tell you such promises are LOL-worthy. That, and the DNC says it’s committed to “ensuring civil unions and equal federal rights for LGBT couples,” and it’s like, Get on the marriage train already you lazy pricks.

But hey, yay for supporting the repeal of DOMA, a bill that tomorrow will celebrate its 14th birthday, courtesy … Democrats.

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  • Cam

    So it took two years of the community freaking out and pressuring them to even get them to remember to put this on the web page. Siiiigh.

  • Fitz

    @Cam: And on an issue that even the republicans agree on. There is no opposition to ending DADT except from a few fringe weirdos and the president.

  • Flipper

    They do realize that “ensuring civil unions and equal federal rights for LGBT couples” are contradictory, no? Equal federal rights means we can marry, not be granted a “special” class of union that our opposition can continue to use against us.

  • the crustybastard

    There are essentially only two arguments for blocking LGBT citizens from enjoying their fundamental right to marry.

    1. The foot-stamping one that insists that only hetero marriage is a Biblically sanctioned, longstanding American tradition. Like slavery.

    2. The civil unions one.

  • FYI

    I’ll “fully” support the spineless Weasel Democraps after they find the balls to unequivocally support my inalienable rights — not before.

    I’m so tired of being handed shit in one hand and vomit in the other, and then being guilted, cajoled, threatened, and deceived into having to choose one over the other. Both parties stink, and they both hate us. If this were not so, then we would have had our full rights of citizenship many years ago.

    We’re just being played by the majority of the Democrats for our money and our votes. The Republican also use us to drum up the anti-homo heartless hordes for money and votes. We are sooooooo very fucking useful to both disgusting political parties.

    The ascent of a populist legitimately “liberal” third party is well overdue. If the half-wit teabagger nutters can do, we too can succeed as well with all of the resources, talent, and intellect in the GLBT community. We just have to stop being lackeys for the DEMs who simply don’t really have to lift a finger (or a vote in Congress for us) to fight for our loyalty like they do for the Hispanic Community and the Black Community, Jewish Community…etc…etc…etc…and every minority community — except for us.

    Like whipped dogs we keep crawling back for more abuse, because we feel like we have nowhere else to go. When they do attempt to pass some pro-gay legislation (once in a century) they gut it, then ignore it, delay it, and then, perhaps, once it gets a vote (after the Dems lose their Super Majority just as it was squandered in 2009) it may or may not pass, i.e. DADT. But, if they do somehow manage to pass some half-ass (with no provision written into it for non-discrimination against gays and lesbian military personnel) DADT repeal, then the senseless and insulting delays have only served to cripple both the Democrats for their weak leadership and the GLBT community’s faith in the less-than honest and less-than-competent Democratic Party.

    Time for a change. If we can united Organized Labor, environmentalists, true liberals, disaffected workers of all stripes, and other minorities with the GLBT community, and create a united front, then perhaps a viable Third Party could capture a few seats in Congress to shift the balance of power in the right directions. After all, a lone senator by the name of Joe Lieberman held the Democrats hostage in 2009 as an Independent. Imagine if we got a dozen or so liberal Third Party candidates in the House, and few in the Senate by 2012, it could change the face of politics in America — they could be real PowerBrokers.

    We desperately need real change, and certainly not the hopey, changey face of a phoney, called Obama, leading Amerca. Just pray he doesn’t run for re-election. Just like Chris Matthews says, Obama is the Democratic Party’s new Jimmy Carter.

    We deserve so much better.

    PS — Personal note to the DNC. Stick you Civil Unions segregationist crap up your breeder elitist anal orifices. I’m legally married, just like tens of thousands of other same-sex couples in the USA. So hang you homophobic version of a “Whites Only” sign someplace else assholes; don’t hang your “Heteros Only” crap on us and expect us to carry your luggage for you anymore. Fuck off DNC!!!

    No really, just FUCK OFF!!!

  • DR

    Oh, look, just in time for elections! Gee, what a shock.

  • CJ

    1. No new news here.

    2. Democrats are apparently always for LGBT equality – until their words must result in ACTIONS.

    3. What they’re “committed” to is giving out more promises before the election.

    4. Civil unions is the same as “separate but equal.” I thought that we already learned our lessons about that.

  • Allen

    Elections matter and fact don’t lie. All 60 Democrats plan to vote for repeal while all 41 Republicans have expressed either opposition or non-commitment.

    Any gay person voting Republican is not only idiotic but also a traitor.

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