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On DOMA’s 14th Birthday, DNC Remembers It’s Tangentially Committed to Its Repeal

On its “Civil Rights” page, the re-branded Democratic National Committee has added the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act — which was missing before — to the list of items the organization is “committed to.”

You can call this a win, I guess? But c’mon: The first time around the DNC did include passing ENDA and repealing DADT on its site, and anyone who’s been monitoring the “commitment” to doing either of these things can tell you such promises are LOL-worthy. That, and the DNC says it’s committed to “ensuring civil unions and equal federal rights for LGBT couples,” and it’s like, Get on the marriage train already you lazy pricks.

But hey, yay for supporting the repeal of DOMA, a bill that tomorrow will celebrate its 14th birthday, courtesy … Democrats.