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Do You Have Sex With Mountains? Are Your Afraid of Getting Tested? Do You Squeal With Delight?

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with five of the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!  

This is the most charming thing I have seen all year. It literally made me “squee!!” with delight. There is nothing I love more than a man uninhibited enough to queen it up—and the fact that he’s doing it in a full leotard with a m-f-ing rose at the collar, well… I’ve gotten everything *I* want for Christmas this year. Except perhaps this man in my bed. Love.

Christopher in VA is spreading some Christmas cheer in WATCH: Duo’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” Dance Will Melt Even The Grinchiest Hearts


You should never confuse one’s voyeurism preferences with one’s sexual orientation. They are two different concepts with two different definitions. This is why I get so angry when people try to draw conclusions about sexual orientation using porn as a methodology. Porn should be kept well away from any studies on human sexuality.

Keep in mind that, just because you want to watch a particular sex act, it doesn’t mean you want to participate in that sex act. People have different reasons for wanting to watch something. You might watch something because you admire its beauty.

For instance, I might spend hours looking at the beautiful Black Hills in South Dakota but that doesn’t mean I want to bareback Mount Rushmore.

jason leaves a funny image in your mind in Do Straight-Identified Guys Like Watching Guy-Girl Porn Because They’re Secretly Bi?


Public health is not really about one-time events. Public health is about eduction, prevention, and treatment. And, it is an on-going program that needs reliable funding, year-in and year-out. Part of the funding goes to research — not just about medicine, but also about effective education and prevention. And, of course, every year there is a new crop of young people who are just learning about sex, and who need to be educated about prevention.

Our private medical system is pretty good at research about new medicines or treatments that have the promise of profits. But, it is just awful at prevention. Every time a disease is prevented, the profit that would result from treating it is lost. So, private firms not only have no incentive for prevention or education — they have a powerful incentive to work against prevention or education.

Steve seems to know a thing or two in What’s Obama Gonna Do To Help Reduce HIV Rates Among Blacks And Latinos?


I conduct HIV tests… everyone is scared. I think acknowledging that fear is a very real thing would help people. This video does just that!

Cody wants you to embrace the terror in WATCH: Two Men Throw Massive Pity Party While Awaiting HIV Test Results


This World AIDS Day has truly hit it home for me. Last week I was at a college party for my local university where somebody spiked my drink and assaulted me. He confessed later on he was positive. The doctors started me on PEP within 12 hours of the assault and despite the assurances from every single doctor who’s spoken to me that they are extremely optimistic, today has not been a good day for me. I can’t imagine what people go through living with HIV, let alone the uncertainty of having been exposed this way. It puts everything in a whole new perspective.

Brad talks some real talk in FIRST PERSON: “Eventually, You’re Going To Have To Go On Living Your Life.”


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