Do You Have the Same Friendship Structure as Straight Guys?

Ya know, sometimes it really does take an entire article in the Wall Street Journal to explain the difference between straight heterosexual men hanging out, and straight heterosexual women hanging out.

In case you’re curious, this is what Mark Vasu and his dozen-plus Duke buddies do every year: “It’s a judgment-free, action-packed, adventure-based weekend. We go hiking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, fly-fishing.”

University of Maryland’s School of Social Work professor Geoffrey Greif, who’s made a career out of studying how dudes chill together, “found that men generally resist high-maintenance relationships, whether with spouses, girlfriends or male pals. When picking friends, ‘men don’t want someone who is too needy,’ he says. A third of the men in his study said they learned positive things from female friendships, but 25% had a negative impression of women as friends, citing issues such as ‘cattiness’ and ‘too much drama.’ And women are more likely than men to hold grudges toward friends, according to Dr. Greif’s 2009 book, Buddy System.”

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