Doc About Boyfriend’s Tragic Death Gets Green Light, Thanks To Designing Women Creator

We get all choked up every time we watch “It Could Happen to You, Shane Britney Crone’s video diary, above, where he talks about the loss of his partner, Tom Bridegroom. And apparently the 3 million-plus viewers who have watched the clip since it went up in May do to.

As horrific as it is to lose a partner in life, we can only imagine how much harder it is to endure when family—and society—denies the truth of your love, as Bridegroom’s parent’s did. But the Web can be a wonderful thing: After Crone posted the video, Designing Women director Linda Bloodworth Thomason got involved in a Kickstarter campaign to help turn the story into a documentary. It’s surpassed its goal, with a healthy $384,376 total, and now Bridegroom: An American Love Story is a go.

Said Thomason:

“Please know that this film will represent anyone who has ever been judged, condemned or ostracized for being who they are and loving who they love. We believe everyone deserves equal rights and Bridegroom will seek to play a pivotal role in bringing these rights to not only all Americans, but to people all over the world.

We will start production immediately, doing interviews, as well as traveling to Shane’s and Tom’s respective home states of Montana and Indiana. And we will do whatever we can to insure that Bridegroom premieres this fall, in mid to late October.”


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  • Cinesnatch

    It’s Bitney, not Britney.

  • Callum

    FYI: Tom Bridegroom died in an accident. He was on a roof of a 4 story building, with others, photographing a model. For one shot he stepped backwards and tripped/fell off the building.

  • Bee

    Wow i’m so sad I cried that video was so heart breaking I’m only 17 and I can’t even fathom how that would feel!

  • Ewoks R Us

    WHY didn’t you share this BEFORE the Kickstarter closed?

  • MikeE

    @Ewoks R Us: maybe Endor’s moons get Queerty news late? this was originally posted quite a few weeks ago.

    I’m surprised at just how fast the kickstart went.

  • Charles

    My heart goes out to this guy……. Just went through my own near death less than a year ago and it opened my eyes to how little hospitals respect Gay relationships with the excuse you are not legal, well hell we are here and it is obvious who loves us……… I am lucky my parents accept us, but it really struck me as odd to be in such a free country and realize we as gay couples are not free…… partner and I have been together for almost ten years and my brother has been married three times, so I ask who is damaging the vow of marriage more…me or him?

  • Ewoks R Us

    Nah, we’ve had a holonet relay ever since the Imperial occupation!

    And after 30 minutes of searching (including “Kickstarter”, “Bridegroom”, “Crone”, etc) the only related Queerty post I found was the original that simply shared the video. Not saying they didn’t mention the Kickstarter but I’m on here daily so it would have been hard to miss.

  • gayelynn.defilippis

    As a proud parent of a Gay Young Man I would like to send my sincere apology for your loss. The love you found and lost had a profound impact on my heart. Please remember that Tom will always live in your heart and will always remain in your memory! Make your voice count, shout it out, and in Tom’s honor make a difference!!!

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