Does Buying Scissor Sisters’ New Album Get You a Discount On Their Rentboy.com Out-Rate?

We’ve already shown our susceptibility to marketing gay performers as sex objects but the Scissor Sister’s Jake Shears has taken it one step further by using a Rentboy.com to pimp out his band’s upcoming album, Nightwork. Who knew that Rentboy was good for more than just finding luggage handlers?

The Rentboy profile actually presents Shears as the personification of their upcoming album, listing his talents as “stripping and gogo dancing” and his rate as “$11.99 USD.” It’s especially interesting both because Jake Shears has said in the past that he’s not singing songs just for the gays and because it’s hard to imagine any straight performer, no matter how sexual, using Adult Friend Finder to literally whore out their work.

By utilizing the 1980 Robert Mapplethorpe photo of dancer Peter Reed’s clenched ass for their album cover, posing semi nude for Tetu magazine, and now advertising Nightwork over a gay escort site, seems Shears has unapologetically integrated his band’s gay sexuality into its marketing. Brava.

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  • Jack

    Genius marketing, and he’s freakin’ hot, too!

  • Cam

    One of the only people that was loud and out from the get go. I love every bit of sucess this band has had.

  • Brandon H

    He really is delicious. I love the fur and the swimmers build, its a hard to find combo.

  • Dave

    With the constant bombardment of advertising in magazines and the internet, it seems like a clever marketing strategy whose target audience will find funny and smart. Kudos. I’d hit that for 11.99 USD plus tax.

  • Mike L.

    Wow this is pretty ingenious!

    Like the music, never heard of them before that queerty article about their cd with the butt cheecks, I might just buy the CD and check out more of their music. Love the sample music.

  • counterpoll

    “Shear genius” in the marketing on the rentboi site!
    Great band: go have a listen. You’ll be hooked.

    One of my all-time fave TV moments was seeing Scissor Sisters perform on “Live with Regis + Kelly” in the ayem. Poor Reedge asked Jake to explain the name of the band, and you could’ve heard a pin drop except for some poor producer yelling in the ear-bud to change the subject. Hilarious!

    Even if you don’t read French, Têtu is worth looking at on-line.
    Some superb eye-candy on display.

  • Jimmi

    God Bless the Rent Boys!

  • Lazycrockett

    The new cd is amazing, gritty, dirty, and sexy as all get out.

  • Ric

    I’d be all over it if it was Baby Daddy on Rentboy. Does Rentbear exist?

  • Thunderpuss

    Scissor Sisters makes the best music. I love to dance around my house naked while blasting “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’.” As for Mr. Shears – he has a cameo in many a masturbatory fantasy of mine.

  • The Intolerance Exterminator

    ” … posing semi nude for Tetu magazine … ”

    WTF do Americans mean when they write “semi nude”? Being nude (or naked) is like being pregnant … you either is … or you ain’t!

    The new SS album is quite good but there are one or two turkeys on there too, me thinks.

  • seaguy

    I wish Jake escorted because I would scrape up the money to hire his hot ass for sure.

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