Does Sweden Suck?

In 2003, Swedish preacher Ake Green gave a sermon in which he called gays “a deep cancerous tumor on all of society.” In that same sermon, he outrageously claimed that homos are more likely to rape children and animals. He opined that a same sex attraction is “abnormal, just like pedophilia.”


A Swedish court convicted him under hate crime legislation but the ruling was appealed; Sweden’s Supreme Court has now utterly disgraced itself by overturning the conviction. Is it even imaginable that if a preacher had said the same words against Jews, he would not be punished by a civil, secular society? We fear, actually, that it is imaginable.

So Queerty calls for a boycott of everything Swedish, excepting Swedish boys. Really, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard the Swedish pop star Darin Zanyar sing I Wanna Fuck Your Ass, Hairy Hairy Man of the Wild. And for our friends in the right-on lipstick and dyke crowd, there are the Swedish Lesbian Gardeners. But that flag with the Cross has got to go, and don’t let us catch you putting lingonberry sauce on a reindeer steak.