Dog Who Won Britain’s Got Talent Is In Love With Another Male Dog

Pudsey won Britain’s Got Talent by doing amazing tricks to the Mission: Impossible theme song with his owner/trainer, Ashleigh Butler. Now Ashleigh tells the Daily Star that Pudsey has got a thing for not one but two male dogs.

Pudsey even went gay for one of them, kicking his border-collie girlfriend Crumble to the curb—despite the fact that they’ve had six puppies together.

“One of my friends has a cocker spaniel called Sam,” said Ashleigh. “Whenever Pudsey sees Sam, he is in love. He has a thing for him. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s the ears! Pudsey is a complete flirt.”

Pudsey also has a thing for Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliam’s dog Bert, whom he might leave Sam for.

What a capricious, unfaithful bisexual Pudsey is!

Source: Pink News