‘Don’t Ask’ Architect Moskos Dies

Academia lost an important figure this weekend. While many mourn 74-year old Dr. Charles Moskos’ death, others may take perverse pleasure in hearing the news. Why such a mixed reaction? Because the Chicago-native, who served in the American military and went on to teach Sociology at Northwestern, helped concoct Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Known for his convivial attitude and devotion to military readiness, Moskos interviewed countless soldiers for the Department of Defense and, after reviewing their replies, determined that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell provided the perfect protections for straight and gay alike.

Fellow professor Allen Schnaiberg summarized Moskos approach:

His real empathy was with the rank and file, having been a grunt himself. He really felt he had a unique perspective to offer, and he was both sympathetic and actually quite courageous in putting himself at risk by putting himself out with the troops.

Though he knew it controversial, Moskos looked at DADT as a necessary compromise. Too bad he didn’t live to see the day when it was no longer.