Don’t Confuse Elisabeth Hasselbeck For Somebody Who Doesn’t Support Gay Marriage

I am not ultra-ultra-conservative on every issue. I actually support gay marriage. … I think the gay marriage thing would definitely surprise people. I mean, for some people, it will surprise them to the point that they won’t want to hear it. “No, that can’t be, I really want to have this sort of idea of her in my head,” so I sort of rain on their parade there. I am a person that does believe that life begins at conception, but I also don’t believe that the government should tell women what to do with their bodies. So I’m torn there in terms of supporting laws [for or against abortion]. I always say I would rather change a heart than a law. I think it has to start there. Always trying to mandate, mandate, mandate this or that is not the way that I believe this country should run.

—Elisabeth Hasselbeck, explaining away the common misconceptions people have about her [via]

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  • alex

    I love Elizabeth. It takes guts to stand up for yourself especially in a group where the 5 others tend to want to disagree with you just on principle.

    She and I might not share views on every idea, but at least the important ones are there. Not just gay marriage and abortion, but a lot of other things I’ve seen in the last few years of watching this show.

    Jeez, I should probably shoot myself for admitting that.

  • Ivad Enuffofya

    More republican spin QWEERTY? Credit us with more brains than just to blindly accept your republican rhetoric. This site is run by Gay Republicans which is clearly a contradiction in terms. You will be naming John McCain as man of the year next. Gees! You make me wanna vommit!

  • David

    She’s still intolerable.

  • Greg

    I would find her, and so many other Republicans, more palatable if they could better articulate their reasons for being Republicans other than spouting any of the following rotten, termite-infested planks in the party platform:

    – I am a fiscal conservative.
    – I believe in less government.
    – I am pro-Constitution.

    All three are perfectly fine beliefs to have, but they have nothing to do with the Republican Party.

  • christopher di spirito

    Elizabeth is under 40.

    Gay marriage — even among Repugs under the age of 40, isn’t an issue. Unlike the Old Coot McCain who is approaching 80 and is adamantly opposed to marriage equality.

    When these ancient, doddering old GOP fucks finally die off, the world will be a better place for all of us.

    Shit, even Pickles Bush came out in favor of gay marriage.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    She’s still a stupid cunt. She reflexively supports anything G.O.P. & maybe that’s because she feels that as the only official conservative tool on the panel, she has to represent (chest thump!) but she comes across as so prissy & uptight & her arguments are always right off a G.O.P. talking point. Before the Queerty Republican brigade goes nuts, no, Joy Behar & Whoopi are not reflexively Liberal. I’ve seen Joy repeatedly bash Obama when she thinks he’s not Liberal enough & Whoopi is all over the place politically, especially when it comes to taxes (poor thing must be burdened with horrendous taxes from all the awful movies she’s done.) The other one, the real stupid one who’s name I forget, is also all over the map politically, supporting economic Liberalism but also talking up her boyfriend Jesus whenever she gets the chance & she’s clearly against gay marriage & loves to spout nonsense about down low men being responsible for the AIDS epidemic. So Elizbeth = only idiot who reads political talking points. She is an absolutely dumb bitch with not a thought of her own. Even the other dumb one has her own thoughts. They’re stupid but they’re her own.

    Having re-read the above paragraph to check for spelling mistakes, I see I clearly need to get more of a life if I know this much about these annoying ladies.

  • josh

    But she once said on The View that gay marriage would lead to Christian pastors being imprisoned!

    I distinctly remember her saying that after Prop 8.

  • jason

    A life form begins at conception, I agree with that.

  • Chuck

    I wouldn’t give her too much credit. Laura Bush and Megan McCain made it okay for GOP women to be pro-marriage quite a while ago. I don’t thing Hasselbeck came up with this in her own little head.

    Just remember Laura used to be a Dem, so she sometimes does that most un-Republican thing and thinks for herself, not with her hate reflex. And Megan is from the younger, improved generation, which, like the Bush daughters, is glad Healthcare passed, etc.

    But none of this plays well to the angry old bigot base of their party. You can bet Boner won’t be including any of this in the mailers.

  • Joe

    If she supports the candidates that vote against gay marriage she’s against gay marriage, no matter what she says.

    Same re her abortion stance.

    That makes her a lying sack of crap.

    You, Alex, the one who LOOOOVES her, rethink that.

  • Hilarious

    Bullshit. I don’t believe a word that comes out of her face.

    If she’s so in favor of gay marriage then why staunchly support those who work the hardest against it as well as other rights and laws for us?

    Really, Queerty, right after I say “Why the focus on just Sherri?” you post some bs to defend Hasselbeck?

    Explain this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HR7Vy1Io0U

    Sure sounds like Lizzy is in favor of Prop 8 to me.

    Why research some weak defense for Elisabeth while skewering Sherri? Both are ignorant sacks of shit.

    Treat them equally and stop attacking one because she’s black and defending the other because she’s white.

    Yeah I called you out because this garbage proved my point to the letter.

  • Harrison

    The only (well, I guess one of many, but the first that comes to mind) problem with Elisabeth’s hearts vs. laws philosophy is, no one’s heart gets to bestow legal rights and recognition on others, and while you’re trying to change hearts, many people lose out on things.

    Although better this than Sherri always screaming “BUT THE MINISTERS DON’T WANT TO GET SUED!!!!!!1!!11” every time the topic of legal marriage vs. religious marriage comes up.

  • Gary B.

    Well at least she’s sane and rationale on this issue. Same for Glenn Beck. Gotta give credit where credit is due. I’m not saying they aren’t raving lunatics most of the time, but you know…

  • Hilarious

    @Harrison: No she’s really not better than Sherri.

    At least Sherri’s bigoted ass is truthful and honest about her bigotry. Hasselbeck is flat out lying. Click the link I posted above and listen to her thoughts on Prop 8.

    Does she sound like someone in favor of gay MARRIAGE to you?

  • christopher di spirito

    These broads will have competition soon.

    My new TV Guide says after As the World Turns signs off after 54 years, the dopes at CBS plan to launch a “View-like” chat show staffed by 4 or 5 women.


  • Luxury

    @Joe: Unfortunately a lot of Gay people support candidates who don’t support Gay Marriage and full equality, out of blind partisan loyalty.. just sayin’.. but anyway.

    This doesn’t make her any better in my book. I still think she’s a lying propagandist, who’s main purpose on The View is to spew Right-wing talking points instead of offer an educated and sincere opinion or “view”.

  • alex

    @Joe: So you mean to tell me you’ve never voted for someone who was against gay marriage? Seriously bro, get over yourself. Keep your hatred to yourself, like I wish a lot of raging conservatives would do.

  • dvd


    I don’t know why I watch that trainwreck of a show, but she did say that. She’s also said letting gays marry could lead to, wait…”marrying your toaster?” She was adamantly against it.

    Not that she can’t come around, and it’s more fashionable now that Megan McCain and Laura Bush say so. But I’d want her to explain her past views and how/why she came around. She also needs to apologize for all the vile lies she tried to spread about it.

  • adam

    @Hilarious: So you’ve never heard of anyone changing their mind? She’s a regular person, not a politician. You can also actually support candidates but differ on individual issues. Shocking, I know.

    I think she’s way overly partisan – atleast around election season – but there was a show where she said she met with Melissa Etheridge and she changed her mind on it. Don’t be so paranoid, that’s a right-wing thing to be.

  • Harrison

    Was about to reply but just saw Adam’s comment. So, what he said.

  • scott ny'er

    I’ll say this much. Elisabeth stands her ground. But then so does Sarah Palin, who really comes across as stupid (she got to be in office and run for VP so she’s not that stupid really).

    I don’t know if I believe Elisabeth or not

  • CJ

    For a group that screams for tolerance, there sure is a lot of hate and intolerance evidence in these posts.

  • CJ

    For a group that screams for tolerance, there sure is a lot of hate and intolerance evident in these posts.

  • Dana

    I don’t believe her for a second…There is enough video proof to convince she is lying.

  • Colin

    I liked Elizabeth since Survivor. I remember when they had they try out for her job and it was pretty much down to her, Rachel from Real World:SF and another girl. I liked Rachel and over the years wished Rachel had got the gig cause I was surprised by Elizabeth and her opinions -at least I knew what I was going to get watching Rachel. I don’t agree with either of them on most of their political views – and Elizabeth does drive me crazy nearly every time I watch the show – but I don’t think she’s evil. I’ve had my issues with her since the Rosie year. I don’t believe she has hate in her heart but I wouldn’t want to be friends with her either.
    Anyways — my point (it’s here somewhere)
    I believe that she supports gay marriage (in theory) but she’s stated over and over again that she believes it has to be voted on by the people. She doesn’t believe in judges and so forth making that decision. And to me by saying that it negates some of the impact of “I support gay marriage” statement

    I actually get more upset at Joy and Whoopi sometimes because they are supposed to be our advocates (I say supposed to be because they’ve won GLAAD awards) but don’t always bring up issues concerning gays- and often Joy trivializes an issue.
    Sherri’s just dangerous cause she never seems to have solid facts and is able to broadcast nonsense.

    And yes Sherri and Elizabeth have both discussed the fact about Priests being sued or the possibility of them being arrested.

    I’m going to stop because I’m rambling -sorry. Just my thoughts

  • Dave

    Elizabeth is a die hard Republican, but how does that make her any worse than a die hard Democrat who follows this spinless, balless party that is afraid of its own shadow? I give her props for speaking her mind, and believe it or not some of us Democrats are fiscal conservatives. Sometimes throwing money at a problem does not solve it, personal responsibility accounts for a lot. I believe in helping people up to a point and for a definite period of time…not indefintely. One should be able to fend for oneself, except in rare circumstances, after a while.

  • J.C

    I have ALWAYS contended Hasselbeck is nowhere near as bad to us as many have made her out to be. I actually know of a dear (very outwardly) gay friend who met her and said he had a 15 minute convo with her at an event they were at and she was quite charming and very open, understanding and well informed. One notable example of this is her Adam Lambert interview where she came to his defense when he was a guest and said it isn’t his role to babysit kids on television, that he’s an entertainer and one she really enjoys. That coupled with this makes me wish gays would settle down with the attacks toward some who may not be that against us, but keep berating them and they will.

    Now Sherri Sheperad, I can tell you on good authority is one proud homophobe who actually has disdain even addressing gay topics of conversation on the show.

  • Hilarious

    @adam: There’s a myriad of evidence that Hasselbeck is a two-faced liar who will say anything to stay in the limelight.

    Why does she deserve defense while Sherri does not? Mind you I’m one of the black men she hurls venom at so I have more reason to hate Sherri than most posting here do.

    Both are ignorant bigots. Both have said awful things on The View. But only one receives negative comments(on Queerty anyway, which is surprising) while the other is defended and even praised as evidenced by this article and the comments that followed.

    The only difference between Sherri and Elizabeth is skin color.

    Claiming to be for gay marriage and in favor of Prop 8 is no different than a racist saying “But my doctor is black, I can’t be racist!”.

    If she truly changed her opinion then she would address things she’s said in the past first and foremost because most of us still remember them. She wouldn’t dismiss it and just claim to be in favor of gay marriage. Most of Hollywood claims to be in favor of gay marriage, but they sure as hell didn’t help us when we had the chance to stop Prop 8 did they. Don’t forget these are the same people who keep homosexuality within their ranks an open secret but won’t dare allow the general public to find out.

    Hit up Youtube. No one forgets Sherri’s statements(nor should they), no one should be forgetting Elizabeth’s statements either.

  • Hilarious

    @J.C: Oh really?

    This is what she thinks about lesbians: http://www.advocate.com/News/Daily_News/2010/07/27/Elisabeth_Hasselbeck_Cracks_Lesbian_Code/

    What a gay friendly celebrity. Clearly homosexuality is a choice because Elisabeth in her infinite wisdom says so.

    And here’s the response from one of her housewife fans:

    “Name: Marie
    Date posted: 8/6/2010 6:35:03 PM
    Hometown: tampa


    I agree somewhat with Hasselbacks observations. I apppears to me that most lesbians are either unattractive, very defensive and/or agressive women or overweight. They are tired of dealing unsuccessfully with men and look for a woman who they can dominate or not have to work so hard to be with (since both are usually needy). Female homosexuality and male homosexualityare birds of a different color. Males are seeking sexual gratification. The women are seeking more to be loved, understood and affirmed. Both are immature sexual responses.”

    So Elisabeth basically gets a pass for breeding homophobia because she’s white.

    If she was black and doing this crap all hell would break loose. What’s the deal Queerty and commenters?

    Homophobia is ok when the person being homophobic is the “right” skin color?

  • Jacob

    If she’s for gay marriage WHY does she always argue against it on the view? fucking liar.

  • Jacob

    oh and Elizabeth said she sat down and ate dinner with Melissa Etheridge and that they had a good discussion. she NEVER said she changed her mind on anything. Why are you gays lying for elizabeth?

  • john

    she used to be against gay marriage

  • fred

    Shame on Queerty. 1st, Hasselbeck supports Republicans who act to keep gay marriage from happening. 2nd, Hasselbeck is notorious for giving non-committal answers to weasel her way out of trouble.

    Also, there are many, many issues besides “gay rights” that require our attention as a Country. Choosing to be Republican based on ONE issue alone is irresponsable. Besides, the Republican party is the #1 enemy of gay rights, so it makes no sense to support them. Being gay and Republican is self-contradicting and counterproductive.

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