No gays allowed

Don’t even think about downloading this “straights only” dating app

Introducing Rightly, an exciting new dating app exclusively for straight people.

The app literally just launched and is already calling itself the “No. 1 Dating App Between Single Men & Single Women” and “The World’s Largest Dating App Between Single Men And Single Women.”

In other words, it’s for people who love rightly. As opposed to those who love wrongly.

The press release states: “It’s a premier dating app exclusively aimed at the straight single market–there are many LGBT apps available and Rightly looks to break this mold by offering an alternative to the singles market.”

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“There are so many LGBT only dating apps, why not a straight-singles only dating app?” company spokesperson, Don Yang, says in a press release. “Rightly is a straight-only dating space like the gay-only dating app Grindr.”

So how does it work exactly?

Basically, the same way every other dating app out there works. Users can create a profile, upload pictures, swipe, chat, blah, blah, blah. The only difference, of course, is that “Rightly only allows users to sign up as a man looking for women, or a woman looking for a man.”

Also, they have a team closely monitoring the heterosexist app every day to make sure “no rules are broken.”

The most important rule being that absolutely no one is homosexual.

Sounds like all those bullsh*t “Straight Pride” events we hear about from time to time may have found their first official sponsor.

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  • Harley

    I guess the app will be good for transgender as well.

  • Kieru

    I fail to see why I should be outraged.

    We have apps like Grindr, Chappy, Surge, Scruff…. do they offer the opportunity for heterosexuals to sign up and look for their heterosexual match? No? Should I be outraged at that inequality?

    • drmiller

      My immediate thoughts were similar. But I think the disparity is that women can (and sometimes do) join Grindr (trans or otherwise). Additionally, I think the marketing and branding behind this app is a bit homophobic. If you go to the App Store and view their page it literally says: “Men date women only — Rightly”. I can’t be sure how they meant it, but it definitely feels like their insinuating that men should only date women and that’s the “rightly” way things should be.

      Also, the purpose of a gay dating app is to create a safe, and straightforward way for gays to meet other gays, since every other space (literally every space) is a straight space. Heterosexuals don’t need overtly “straight” platforms/bars/spaces because every platform/bar/space is marketed and given to straight people.

      I’m definitely not outraged, I see your point, but it does come off as super ignorant and unnecessary.

    • Goforit

      When I signed of with Grindr and Scruff I do not recall them asking me anything about my sexuality, or gender or in whom I was interested. Yes Grindr and all the others cater (pander) to the gay community but they do not bar heterosexuals from joining. Finding a date is their own problem. Rightly (the name should be your first clue) does ask those types of questions and then bars anyone that does not answer correctly. That is called discrimination. It may not rise to the level of importance that marriage equality or Black Lives Matter or the glass ceiling even. But it is a very short trip from this to having to ride in the back of the bus. We have an obligation to fight discrimination in all its forms.

  • Jaxton

    An Asian is behind this? If so, what a goose!!

    In any case, the site is for meeting people of the opposite sex. Bisexual people can still use it.

  • Josh447

    Like. This is news? BFD.

  • RIGay

    “For when you want to find that special woman who likes anal like the guys you met on Grinder…”

  • Shounae

    I really don’t see what is insulting or outrageously to this. We have tons of App targeted at gay men only? As much as I hate what I’m saying, hillbilly backward conservatives frogs are allowed to love too, even if it means in their own special way. I suspect the writer of this piece to be your usual broken wrist hormonal fem queen who just can’t deal with rejection. Move on and stop fantasising over straight guys.

  • PinkoOfTheGange

    i thought that this was just havin’ some fun with the new app and its ridged rules. a little point and giggle at the str8 folk…then I saw Graham had written it, so most likely he was being serious.

  • miserylovedme24

    The only issue I see with this is the name. Obviously if they named it that because they’re saying only hetero relationships are ‘right’, then that’s a problem. But in terms of just having a app that is only for straight relationships, who cares. There’s nothing wrong with that. Grindr is supposed to be men only and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    I’m going to download this app and fck with straight people when I’m bored; I’ll let you all know how my scientific social experiment is going.

  • Jack Meoff

    Nothing wrong with the concept it’s just the marketing that’s a bit pointed and homophobic. The whole right/ wrong thing smacks of religious input to me.

    • Goforit

      “religious input” ? Unintended pun? Or maybe a reference to Mormon

  • RomanHans

    Evidently no one here knows it, but businesses in many states are not allowed to discriminate and offer services that are unavailable to, say, LGBT people. eHarmony was straight-only for many years, and LGBT groups won a class-action lawsuit and $2+ million dollars from them. Now eHarmony offers their services to the LGBT community.

    So, it would be nice if Queerty updated this to let us know whether (1) this company figured out a way around the law, or (2) they’re going to be sued into oblivion.

  • Evji108

    Clearly Rightly is connected in some way to the Christian Right angle. They think their way of life is correct or Righteous. So what? Their sad religion of suffering and condemnation is on the way to history’s landfill.

    • Creamsicle

      Young people are identifying with religion less and less, AND they’ll need to compete with Christian Mingle and eHarmony, who have been in business long enough to know how to handle the inevitable site crashes and app bugs. Also, religious groups and communities tend to be their own dating services (whether young people are looking or not. That’s an aspect of the gossipy church lady that most people tend to forgive.).

      This business will probably flop since there are not all that many homophobic non-religious people who are just sick and tired of knowing that gay people use the same website as they do,

  • Daniel-Reader

    Must run in an anti-equality nation, since such sites have already been found by courts to violate non-discrimination laws in the USA. It is illegal in many states, for example, to advertise for-profit services to only some groups and not others based on characteristics listed in state human rights/civil rights acts.

  • temod21

    I can`t find it. Is it limited too USA?

    • temod21

      Forget it, found it .

  • Luna1979

    Rightly. Is there a wrong way to F****? Only if you’re boring as… str8 people get up to just about everything gays do. I can’t even think of one thing they don’t. Help me out if I missed something, but I’ve got every orifice pegged (teehee). But seriously, who the hell has ever gotten burned on a regular dating site? You put in “I’m a man seeking a man” or “I’m a woman seeking a man”. Who the eff gets that confused to the point they’ve got to find a special site that caters to their own level of stupidity nevermind, I understand completely now.

  • Jonathonz

    Im loving their all denim matchy matchy outfits! Looks like they’re made for each other!

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