Don’t Everybody Only Dump On Joe Solmonese. HRC’s David Smith Deserves Your Emotional Bile Too!

On his blog yesterday, Andrew Sullivan called for Solmonese to be fired, after a path to DADT repeal went down in flames in the Senate. While I surely wouldn’t mind if that happened and Solmonese went to work for his real bosses at the Democratic National Committee, or began a new career in the fashion world, Andrew shouldn’t have been so narrow in his call for who to let go at HRC. David M. Smith should be made to walk the plank, yes, for the DADT repeal disaster, but also for actively putting Democratic Party needs first, and selling the gay community down the Potomac River, for almost two horribly long decades of minuscule federal progress for ordinary gays.

—Michael Petrelis, the one-man activist brand, calling for HRC strategy chief David Smith’s head as well [via; photo: David Smith, Vice President of Programs; Cathy Nelson, former Development Director; Joe Solmonese, President; and Elizabeth Birch, former Executive Director, via]

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