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Don’t Take Valentine’s Day Gift Advice From ‘Straight Acting’ Erik. What Are You Giving This Year?

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What Valentine’s Day is for lovers (a chance to celebrate their romance!), it’s something equally representative of something for the hopelessly single: the fact that they’re alone. We’re getting The Sads just thinking about it. And as regular readers know, ‘Straight Acting’ Erik falls into the latter category, which means V-Day (which is this Sunday, folks!) will come and go without a special someone for him to smooch up on. It will also come and go without someone getting a card filled with a $5 bill.

Yeah, bad gift. Sorry Rachel!

So what are good gifts? Yes, flowers and candy and coupons for free fellatio are standard, and perfectly acceptable. But have you given or received a Valentine’s Day present that just went above and beyond the expected? We want to hear about it. So we can steal the idea and put it together in time for the weekend. To the comments, lovers!

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  • uwyoalum

    My bf of many years is German. The first Valentines Day we were together (which was also the first Valentines Day I ever had a bf) I half jokingly asked “What are you getting me for Valentines Day?” His response was “Nothing, it is a stupid American corporate holiday.” To this day I have never received flowers, candy, or been taken out to dinner by him on Valentines Day, but I wouldn’t trade our years together for anything…

  • Fitz

    How about a slip of paper that says “it’s ok to act gay” ?

  • Tweek

    For him I hand-delivered a different color rose (representing the different stages/levels of our relationship)to his office before he arrived each day in the week leading up to valentines day. I also made sure the florist chose roses that were not fully bloomed for the first couple of roses, so that by valentines day, they all were blooming at once. Needless to say, we got invited to a lot more dinners with co-workers after that.

    He made me a cd with hand-picked songs that expressed the different stages/levels of our relationship and his love for me. Along with some gourmet chocolates, which we later fed each other while we drank a nice bottle of champagne and made sweet love.

  • Tweek

    @Tweek: Something to add, he admitted he’s not really the romantic type, and had me coach him a little bit about how to be romantic (I’m a bit sap like that – voted King of Hearts at my high school valentines day dance). Of course, now, he’s becoming much, much more of a romantic than he admits to. I think it’s that he’s tasted how good it feels and wants more ^_^

  • benlayvey

    Flowers, CDs, Gourmet chocolates? What! Are you stuck in a 1950s sitcom? Give me a tool kit for the Garage man!

  • SouLKid

    urmmm, hi Erik.
    ok i dont really care about valentine. My bf and i haven’t even mentioned it so far. We just gonna be celebrating the chinese new year holidays with friends.

  • Joseph

    @Tweek: eugh!!!!

  • Mike L.

    How about a dick in a box? LOL! J/k

  • Alfonzo

    If he’s straight acting he may find a farting contest more romantic.

  • Jon

    Valentines day sucks. . .the only thing I can think of is buying a new ring for my love, but that requires obtaining a ring size after 24 years. . and . . we’re not sneaky & waiting for our marriage certificate.

    Perhaps that chocolate sampler is in order?

  • Yuki

    I don’t have anyone to give anything to, but I’m not really too picky. Something in general would be nice; the two years I had someone for Valentine’s Day I didn’t get anything save for a Hershey’s Kiss wrapper folded into a heart as an afterthought of “Wait, I should get him something maybe”.

    But yeah. I personally like, maybe, a homemade bracelet or necklace or something. -shrug-

  • terrwill

    Think Erik could use a guy with a huge “heart-on”…….. : P

  • benlayvey

    @Mike L.: LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben

    the video wont play on here. get some chocolates.

  • scott ny'er

    @uwyoalum: OMG. I think I LOVE your BF. So smart.

  • hephaestion

    Best Valentine’s gift I ever got: My boyfriend hired a violin player (at a local university) to come knock on my door and serenade me with “Let me call you sweetheart.” I still cry whenever I hear that song.

  • mark

    A sweet card, a great meal and wine at home, and any room in the house.

  • BeautifulBoy

    Geez, he’s ugly…

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