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Don’t Take Valentine’s Day Gift Advice From ‘Straight Acting’ Erik. What Are You Giving This Year?

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What Valentine’s Day is for lovers (a chance to celebrate their romance!), it’s something equally representative of something for the hopelessly single: the fact that they’re alone. We’re getting The Sads just thinking about it. And as regular readers know, ‘Straight Acting’ Erik falls into the latter category, which means V-Day (which is this Sunday, folks!) will come and go without a special someone for him to smooch up on. It will also come and go without someone getting a card filled with a $5 bill.

Yeah, bad gift. Sorry Rachel!

So what are good gifts? Yes, flowers and candy and coupons for free fellatio are standard, and perfectly acceptable. But have you given or received a Valentine’s Day present that just went above and beyond the expected? We want to hear about it. So we can steal the idea and put it together in time for the weekend. To the comments, lovers!