Doomsday: “The Queers Are Among Us”

Yannick Noah

One would think the leaders of the poverty stricken Cameroon would have more pressing things to worry about than what two men do behind closed doors, but their version of The National Enquirer, Le Meteo, has decided to out prominent gays (and some that may not be) in the virulent anti-gay nation. One celeb on the blacklist is former French Open tennis star (and famed womanizer), Yannick Noah.

Most of those “outed” (Noah included) vehemently deny the allegations, which they say are based on rumours spread by enemies. The wave of homophobic articles has created an unprecedented boon for the tabloid press, which are running headlines such as “The queers are among us.” The issue has sparked a furious debate about privacy and gay rights. In Cameroon, as in most of Africa, homosexuality is illegal and punishable by six months to five years in prison.

Of course, the proper U.S. response to such nonsense is to approach the U.N. and give the Cameroon delegation a little talking to. But we know that ain’t gonna’ happen considering we have an anti-gay leader over here, too. We guess we’ll just have to send Angelina to handle the diplomacy. She may even get an outed orphaned child out of the deal.

Star ‘outed’ in anti-gay frenzy [Times of London]