Glee-vorce Settement

No “Glee” For Dot Marie: Coach Beiste’s Lover In Child Custody Battle With Ex-Husband

Dot Marie Jones, best known for her Emmy-nominated turn as Coach Beiste on Glee, is singing a more somber tune these days. Her lover, Bridgett Casteen is fighting her ex-husband for custody of their two kids. 

Casteen explained the situation to Radar Online:

“I sued my ex-husband for custody so that I can have my children in California with me and Dot. We had a verbal agreement where I was providing food and clothes for them. It wasn’t until we went to court earlier this month that we were told by a judge that the verbal agreement didn’t have legal standing, and that I owed $28,000. I immediately paid $10,000 of that amount.”

Best of luck to Dot Marie and Bridgett. And maybe co-star Jane Lynch — a familywoman herself — can provide some advice. Or at least rough this ex-husband up a little. Imagine a Jones-Lynch double-team? Game over, man. Game over.

Photo: Gage Skidmore