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No “Glee” For Dot Marie: Coach Beiste’s Lover In Child Custody Battle With Ex-Husband

Dot Marie Jones, best known for her Emmy-nominated turn as Coach Beiste on Glee, is singing a more somber tune these days. Her lover, Bridgett Casteen is fighting her ex-husband for custody of their two kids. 

Casteen explained the situation to Radar Online:

“I sued my ex-husband for custody so that I can have my children in California with me and Dot. We had a verbal agreement where I was providing food and clothes for them. It wasn’t until we went to court earlier this month that we were told by a judge that the verbal agreement didn’t have legal standing, and that I owed $28,000. I immediately paid $10,000 of that amount.”

Best of luck to Dot Marie and Bridgett. And maybe co-star Jane Lynch — a familywoman herself — can provide some advice. Or at least rough this ex-husband up a little. Imagine a Jones-Lynch double-team? Game over, man. Game over.

Photo: Gage Skidmore

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  • MikeE

    my! I didn’t even know Dot Jones was gay!

  • vixlad

    @MikeE: LOL. Funny!

  • cam

    Nice that somebody else on a major TV show is out of the closet. Thank you Ms. Marie!

    As for the kids, I hope that however it turns out, it is as smooth as possible for them.

  • dave

    A lesbian? Well I never…

  • Jon

    Why is this spun this way? If Dot Marie’s lover were a man, he’d be hung out as a deadbeat. This woman didn’t pay her child support and now she wants custody? Sorry, pay up, dead beat.

  • MikeE

    @vixlad: actually, I was dead serious.
    I generally try not to pigeonhole people into visual stereotypes.
    I’ve met many women who look more masculine who were most definitely NOT lesbians. Why would I automatically assume that Dot Jones was one?

    I’m happy to add her to “the family”, mind you.

  • Tom

    I like Dot Marie Jones but I’m not automatically for her lover. The father is not a villain simply because he doesn’t want his kids moved across country away from him.

  • Adam

    Why is this stopping her from acting?

  • Hank

    why is the dad the bad guy? Lesbians can’t be the villans or make mistakes. Talk to Melissa Ethridge and others who have had bad breakups. Being douchebag isn’t the sole domain of straight men.

    also, she is terrible on Glee – no sense of humor

  • KJ

    “Lover?” Really?

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