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Drag Queen Jackie Beat Made An AIDS Joke. So Why Isn’t Everyone Laughing?

On Wednesday night, drag queen Jackie Beat tweeted: “I’ll admit Madonna’s new song is catchy…But so is AIDS.”

Some who follow Beat’s feed or saw the tweet on her Facebook page, voiced their fury:

*“Sorry but comparing a Madonna song to AIDS is nothing short of disgusting! Shame on you Jackie Beat!”

*“Yeah when two of my best friends died a long painful death from AIDS. Hearing it in a joke doesn’t sit well…sounds like something Rush Limbaugh would say.”

Others found the joke amusing. (Some 99 people “liked” it on Facebook):

*”Just when I’d forgotten why I love you so much, you go and post something like this.”

*”Don’t be so serious people! Life is meant to be enjoyed and laughed at.”

Beat replied to her detractors:

“Go tell it to a Jew who makes Holocaust jokes or Black comic who uses the word “nigger”…If a 48 year-old faggot drag queen cannot make an AIDS joke then who the fuck can? Let me guess… NO ONE? Go watch “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work” and get back to me.”

What do you think? Was Beat’s joke funny or foul? Let ‘er rip in the comments!

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Image by Austin Young via Jackie Beat Facebook