Drag Queens Take Note: Lace-Front Eyebrows!


We all know drag queens love lace-front wigs, and now the time has come to toss out that eyebrow pencil and say hello to lace-front eyebrows! Say hello to the future of drag queen eyebrows!

The trend has been slowly taking the Internet by storm, and it’s time that drag queens knew about it! We were able to find the Tiffani Chanel website, located in Huston, Texas. They have a selection of three lace-front eyebrows available (see below) in blonde, brown and black. You can also special order custom eyebrows but the site says that it will take three weeks to complete your order.

Tiffani Chanel Lace-Front Eyebrow Selection
Image Source: TiffaniChanel.com

How to Apply Lace-Front Eyebrows

How to Make Lace-Front Eyebrows

If you fancy yourself as the type of drag queen that would rather make your own lace-front eyebrows, you’re in luck! The Huffington Post shared this video from YouTube, which teaches you how to make lace-front eyebrows in the comfort of your own home!