No Alliance For Federation

Drama Destroys Activist Coalition In KY.

The political became personal down Kentucky way. The Kentucky Equality Federation and the Kentucky Fairness Alliance have called it quits as a queer coalition. And, according to federation leader Jordan Palmer, the problems stem from the Alliance’s leader, Christina Gilgor.

Palmer released the following statement after the dissolution resolution:

[We have] received many reports from federation management and affiliated organizations about difficulties in working with current leadership of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance and particularly its chief spokeswoman, Christina Gilgor.

Palmers goes on to accuse the Alliance of “alienating” Federation members, but did not get into the specifics of the “personal matters”.

Gilgor, meanwhile, insists that her group will “continue to do our work”.

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  • Disgusted

    Jordan Palmer is a truly pathetic and completely disingenuous character. His “organization” is full of phantom people and his goal is certainly not to promote equality for Kentucky’s GLBT citizens or their families, but rather, to elevate his rung on the social ladder. He is a true coat tail rider, but goes a step further by not only showing up for the party after inviting himself, but also does his best to convince others that he is actually the host. I seriously doubt that he is capable of independent thought, merely skilled at sensing the slightest drop of blood in the water. Shame on him for throwing Kentucky’s GLBT community under the bus in order to jockey for position among those who actually are doing the thankless work of representing Kentucky’s GLBT community. Running to the press with his meaningless “resolution” helps no one, only serves to undermine all of our interests. If smoke and mirrors are what you want, then PLEASE, someone, invite this pretender to your cocktail party today and spare the rest of us his nonsense.

  • Jake Wellington

    Disgusted, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

  • Jake Wellington

    Actually Kentucky Fairness Alliance is to blame. Why else would a Senator and a Representative, as well as a major business owner stop working with them? Ha ha. Because KFA is yesterdays news.

  • Disgusted

    Geez, Jake. Maybe you are right. Why, politicians never lie or do anything self-serving! Their motives are always squeeky clean and they are never threatened by shifts in political power. You must be a real smart guy.

  • Michael

    I agree that diversity and the open exchange of idea helps resolve issues that we may disagree on, however it has become clear with NUMEROUS incidents that, the current Executive Director of this once GREAT organization, has made it impossible for me to believe in what KFA has to say or what they truly stand for. I know the game of politics and right now that is what KFA is playing….IF KFA truly want solidarity it will remove the current Executive Director and replace them with someone who will realize that the political/social climate has changed and that coalition building is more important than taking credit. I feel that what I once stood for and what I believed that KFA stood for no longer stands true, and I do not believe that it will change unless some serious changes are made starting with the removal of the Current Executive Director and then a public apology to other LGBT organization in Kentucky. What KFA needs to understand is that it does not matter who comes up with the idea as long as it gets done. Which brings me to another point KFA has lost sight of its mission and instead is worried once again about the all mighty dollar. When did that happen? Why is it that the LGBT community is sought to ask for money to help pay for a staff? I understand needing donations to help with office cost, but actually paying a staff? Could that money not be better used? In a word frustrated is what I am with KFA! Change needs to be made starting from the top down. As a former member I hope they will!

  • Jake Wellington

    You are an idiot “Disgusted,” Kentucky’s only gay Senator stop supporting them and created Just Fund Kentucky. What planet are you from?

  • Disgusted

    I must say “Jake”; your aptitude for critical thought is astounding. In political science 101 they teach you that money = power and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. If starting “Just-Fun, Kentucky!” wasn’t a power-grab by an ego-maniacal politician then I don’t know what is.
    As for you, Michael: Most, if not all, state-wide GLBT organizations have a paid staff. The work to be done requires full-time commitment. There aren’t many independently wealthy people out there willing or able to work full-time and then some for free. You are speaking about things that you have no knowledge of. It’s Jordan Palmer and his mirage of an organization that are trying to take credit for work they have not done.

  • Jake Wellington

    You do not even know Jordan Palmer and you are an idiot. Take credit for things they have no done? Like what? As if there is a huge line of activists out there who are lining up to do the job Jordan Palmer and Kentucky Equality Federation is doing. Grow up. What have you done to help the situation? Nothing! It is easy to sit on your fat ass and point a finger at someone else though isn’t it?

  • Disgusted

    Well, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!

  • Jake Wellington

    I know who you are “Disgusted” Jody Cofer!

  • Rachel

    Michael – while I agree with some of what you say regarding the need for new thinking and new strategies re KFA — however, absolutely the most important resource of any nonprofit organization, or even any business, is its staff.
    I’d rather pay for staff than an office any day. Staff can always work from home, work on laptops in coffee shops — but an office can’t do work without staff!
    There would BE no programs, no operations, no communications, no lobbying, no newsletters, no events, no action alerts, no meetings, no educational materials on queer rights, no in-district lobbying sessions scheduled and tracked with legislators, and certainly no need for an office, without staff!
    Volunteers and members are the heart of an organization, but it takes an enormous amount of resources to coordinate them effectively and regularly. Sometimes people think, if volunteers are doing so much, why do we need to pay anyone?
    The answer is – volunteers are voluntary – so they come and go, do things they’re interested in but not others that are necessary but they might not like as much, have other concerns in their lives like their paid jobs, their families, etc., and in the end we can only be grateful for what they do, but they can’t be held accountable for making absolutely sure everything gets done that must be done.
    Communications, financial and legal requirements, answering mail, tracking information – all boring but necessary things that must be done right, always, and can’t be done by committee. Not to mention any programs the organization does – who would travel from one end of the state to the other, meeting with volunteers and allies and legislators, regularly? If it was a volunteer group of 10 people, who would make sure those people communicated, and kept a record of the communication, and looked for patterns and trends and opportunities, and made connections with other communications and grant opportunities, and connected them with national leaders for training, and a thousand other things?

    Many all-volunteer nonprofits start and quickly fall into obscurity and cease to exist if they don’t invest in permanent, well-paid, staff, and the development and retention of said staff and their skills.

    You may not like a particular staff member, or disagree with the direction of KFA, but NO organization has ever survived, much less thrived, long (or even intermediate)-term, without a staff that is accountable to the board, the members, and the organization’s mission.

  • mk

    Jordan is an amazing person. He works so hard for KEF and promoting equality.

  • Daniel

    The main reason is that C. Gilgor is a nasty unshowered S&#%#*t

  • Kim G

    The fact of the matter is that NO ONE can get along with Chistina “Chip on Her Shoulder” Gilgor.

    She took a job working for Daniel Mongiardo’s campaign knowing that she hated him and all he stood for. She collected her check knowing that each and every day she was mis-directing funds and half ass doing her job. This was her intentions all along. She wanted to see Daniel fail. She was LOUSY at raising money and the fact that Daniel refused to fire her is even more evidence that he was not the right choice to be US Senator.

    Gilgor is NOT TO BE TRUSTED. She is a self serving, sly conniving, bitter, poor hygiene, loser. I’m not even joking about the poor hygiene, this “lady” smells every single day. Something is not right about her.

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