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Drunk and sloppy: Tyler Oakley recalls losing his virginity in vivid detail

For Tyler Oakley, St. Patrick’s Day has a very special meaning.

“On St Patrick’s Day, of course, we honor those we’ve lost like the patron saint of Ireland,” he says in a new vlog post, “but also, my virginity.”

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29-year-old Oakley goes on to detail the loss his v-card, which happened exactly 10 years ago, during his freshman year of college.

Oakley reveals he lost his v-card to a guy he “knew and trusted” but that things didn’t exactly go as he had hoped or planned.

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“We didn’t know what the f*ck we were doing,” he says of the deflowering. “It was drunk and sloppy and not at all what I expected.”

He continues, “In my experience, the first time was not all that I wanted it to be cracked up to be. No offense to the guy that it happened with.”