Deflowering debate

What counts as losing your virginity when you’re gay?

What counts as losing your virginity when you’re gay? That’s what Bradley Birkholz wants to know.

In a new piece published by Gay Star NewsBirkholz pontificates over the thought-provoking question.

“In the heterosexual community, the v-card is generally defined as being lost through vaginal intercourse, although it still depends on who you ask,” he writes. “In the LGBTI community, however, it is even harder to define.”

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The whole concept of virginity, Birkholz says, wasn’t made for LGBTQ people.

“And yet many in the gay community have simply adopted the term to be referred to anal intercourse instead–even though vaginal intercourse occurs in our community too!” he says.

He continues:

Some believe that you have to be both passive and active in intercourse to lose your virginity, where areas others believe you only have to take one of the said positions to lose virginity.

Then there are those like myself who feel any form of sexual intimacy results in a loss of virginity.

In my own opinion, there is no right or wrong answer. You lose your virginity when you feel that your virginity is lost.

What do you consider losing your virginity when you’re LGBTQ? Share your opinions in the comments section…

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