Young Man “Feels Sick” After “Wasting” His Virginity On “Messy” Grindr Hookup

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Losing one’s virginity rarely goes off without a hitch. It tends to be rather awkward and uncomfortable and if you don’t walk away from the experience feeling a slight pang of embarrassment or regret, you’re lucky.

In a Reddit thread titled The fuck is sex supposed to ‘feel’ like?, a young gentleman shares the details of his unsatisfactory deflowering with a guy he met on Grindr.

“I just got back from my first Grindr hookup,” the confession beings, “and I feel sick with myself.”

Who can’t related to that?

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The confession continues: “I’ve occasionally fooled around with a guy in my school’s bathroom, but nothing like what I just did, like full on naked in bed kinda stuff.”

He goes on to explain that when he went over to the guy’s house everything started out fine. But halfway through their rendezvous, things went awry.

“I was feeling pretty okay when we both just unzipped our pants and starting fooling around,” he writes, “but once it got to full on nude skin contact on a bed, I don’t know, it just didn’t feel right. I’m not even sure if I liked it, it felt more like work than anything.”

The hookup ultimately ended with the other guy “finishing himself off” because the gentleman was unable to bring him to orgasm.

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“I’m just a mess right now,” he writes. “I feel like I just wasted my virginity on some random one night stand. I always wanted it to be special and memorable with someone who feels something for me too.”

He goes on to say that losing one’s virginity, he always believed, “was this shared time with someone and you both like fully sync up and stuff.” But his experience left him “feeling nothing. Just complete and utter numbness.”

“This was just a fucking mess I want to forget!” he bewails.

Luckily, his fellow Redditers have nothing but words of kindness and consolation for the gentleman.

“Sex is a skill like anything else that you build with another person,” one person writes. “Having sex with someone the first time you meet them is usually unsatisfactory and shitty. It’s more once you get to the fourth or fifth time having sex with someone that you feel completely comfortable, like one.”

“You’ll be okay,” someone else adds. “Lots of people don’t realize that hookup sex really might not be for them … Keep trying to find yourself and explore your comfort levels!”

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What advice would you give this young man? Share your pearls of wisdom in the comments section below.

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