Drunk Trans-Shooting Cop Being Tried For Assualt With Deadly Weapon

On September 2, D.C. Superior Court judge Ann O’Regan Keary ruled there was probable cause to try Washington, DC, police officer Kenneth Furr with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, after Furr drunkenly attacked a group of trans women.

On August 26, Furr drunkenly propositioned a trans woman outside a CVS. When she refused his advances, the 21-year police veteran harassed her and her friends, pointed his revolver at the group, drove under the influence and ultimately fired his gun five times into their car.

At Wednesday’s hearing, police verified that Furr, who scored a .15 blood-alcohol level at the scene, stood on the hood of the victims’ car and shot at them through the windshield. Two of three transgender women in the vehicle suffered non-life threatening gunshot wounds, while a male friend was treated for serious injuries.

Furr’s attorney raised questions about the facts of the night in question, noting that the victims’ car trailed Furr in the “wee hours of the morning,” and said Furr had a legal right to defend himself if he believed he was in danger.

Does that mean the victims would have been within their right to beat the hell out of Furr for drunkenly brandishing a pistol? Somehow we don’t think John Law would be as forgiving.

Furr, who is being held without bond, is expected to go before a grand jury in the next few weeks. Good luck with that!

Image via Cliff1066